Dept. of Human Services Faculty & Staff

Department of Human Services Team

  • Yvonne Chase, Ph.D."Every time we move funds from something like investigation and removal to prevention, we lose the funding. So I think there’s also a reluctance on the part of systems of agencies to do that because they know in budget crunch times, that’s what goes."

    — Dr. Yvonne Chase



Name Title Phone Email
David Moxley Director, Assistant Dean of Behavioral Health 907-786-6907
Yvonne Chase Associate Professor, BHS Coordinator & Advisor 907-786-6438
Seta Kabranian Assistant Professor, Practicum Coordinator, & AAS Advisor 907-786-6449
Bettina Kipp Lavea Professor 907-262-0334


Adjunct Faculty 

Name Title Phone Email
Carey Brown Adjunct 907-786-4417
Julia Person Adjunct 907-399-1257



Name Title Phone Email
Sharie Field Academic Support Specialist 907-786-6971
Jenifer Leigh Program Coordinator 907-786-6453