BS in Nursing Admission Process


 Admission into the UAA School of Nursing program is a two-part process:

The UAA nursing program selects a limited number of applicants each year into its full-major program. Admissions into the program is competitive and acceptance into the university as a degree-seeking student does not guarantee selection into the full-major program.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Undergraduate degree-seeking student status at the University of Alaska Anchorage. UAS and UAF students must also submit an application to become degree-seeking students at UAA.
  2. Complete the prerequisite courses with grade “C” or better by the application deadline.
  3. Complete and submit application to the NursingCAS by the application deadline. Note: The admissions procedure is a multi-step process. All applications are reviewed and scored. 

Admission Factors

  1. Extracted GPA. Minimum of 3.0. Only prerequisite courses will be used in the extracted GPA calculation.
  2. Kira Assessment. Verbal & written communication skills, and overall articulation of fit for role and program. The Kira Assessment consists of seven interview questions. One of the seven is a timed, written essay.
  3. TEAS. Highest score in the last 36 months of application deadline will be used for the application. The test can only be taken every 6 months. Students must receive a minimum overall score of 58.7.

Courses that need to be completed by the application deadline:

  • BIOL A111 Anatomy & Physiology I and BIOL A111 Anatomy & Physiology I Laboratory
  • BIOL A112 Anatomy & Physiology II and BIOL A112L Anatomy & Physiology II Laboratory
  • CHEM A103  Intro General Chemistry (lecture only)
  • CHEM A104 Intro to Organic and Biochemistry (lecture only)
  • WRTG A111 Writing Across Contexts
  • PSY A150 Lifespan Development
  • MATH A151 College Algebra for Calculus or ALEKS score of 65 or higher
  • 200-Level Written Communication GER (i.e. WRTG A211, A213, A213, A214 or A2W)
  • Reasoning Skills Requirement: PHIL A101, PHIL A201, or ENGL A120
  • HLTH A151*: Breaking Trail on Your Health and Social Services Career

*Note: HLTH A151 is not a requirement for the application but is highly suggested to be completed before entering the program. This course will be needed to graduate.

Courses that need to be completed by the start of the program:

  • BIOL A240 Introductory Microbiology for Health Sciences Lecture and BIOL A240L Introductory Microbiology for Health Sciences Laboratory
  • Ethics requirement:  PHIL A301, PHIL A302, or PHIL A305
  • DN A203 Nutrition for Health Sciences
  • STAT A200 Elementary Statistics

Additional courses that need to be completed before graduation:

  • 3 additional credits of Social Science GER* (PSY A150 satisfies 3 credits of Social Science GER)
  • 3 additional credits of Humanities GER*
  • 3 credits Oral Communication GER
  • 3 credits Fine Arts GER*
  • 3 credits Diversity & Inclusion GER*
  • 3 credits AKNS GER*

* Students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to discuss courses that satisfy multiple GER/SON requirements.

Upon Acceptance

  • Proof of completion of all immunization requirements and immunizations required by clinical site.
  • Proof of completion of current Basic Life Support (BLS) certification. 
  • Proof of completion of background check (completed by the school).
  • Proof of drug screening. 
  • Proof of health insurance.