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Commentary: Rural program provides unique opportunities for medical students in Alaska

 |  Katie Van Atta, Alaska Beacon  |  ,

Students provide health to underserved Alaskans and receive mentorship through Alaska's WWAMI program.

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Children explore health care careers at UAA STEM Day

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Line One: Vaccine access for the disabled community

 |  Alaska Public Media  |  , ,

More than two years into the pandemic, vaccines are widely available and most health measures have been lifted. But there are still Alaskans who have difficulty accessing vaccines or who have continued health risk in spite of them. Sondra LeClair, Health Projects Coordinator, UAA Center for Human Development, discusses vaccine access for individuals with disabilities in Alaska.

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Alaska’s heath care workforce shortage threatens the growing industry. How are communities working to meet the demand?

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For many Alaskans, getting reliable access to quality health care is a dream, not reality. What can be done to change that? One piece of the puzzle: Helping students in health care programs go on to be successful professionals across our state. On Alaska Public Media's "Talk of Alaska" radio show, we hear from Gloria Burnett on the innovative ways the College of Health is preparing future health care professionals in a range of fields, from clinical practice to population health.