Fran Ulmer Transformative Research Award

Spring 2012 Grant Recipients

Adrian Bender (Geological Sciences) "Evidence for Ancient Earthquakes on the Pacific Rim from the Alaska-Aleutian Subduction Zone"
Faculty Mentor: LeeAnn Munk
Adrian Bender Proposal

Jessica Ladd (Biology) "Arctic Ground Squirrel Captive Breeding"
Faculty Mentor: Loren Buck
Jessica Ladd Proposal

Fall 2011 Grant Recipients

Emily Secrest (Chemistry) "Remediation of Metal Contamination Along Alaska's Roadways: A Hydroponic Study"
Faculty Mentor: John Kennish
Emily Secrest Proposal

Vitaliy Kaminker (Physics) "Non-Organic Membrane Research"
Faculty Mentor: Jim Pantaleone
Vitaliy Kaminker Proposal

Spring 2011 Grant Recipients

Hillary Jochens (Geological Sciences) "Identifying Lithum Sources and Geochemical Processes that Concentrate this Scarce and Technologically Important Element"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. LeeAnn Munk, Geological Sciences.
Hillary Jochens Proposal

Fall 2010 Grant Recipients

Brady Salli
(Biological Sciences):  "Effects of Testosterone on Synchronization of Activity Rhythms to Low Amplitude Zeitgebers in an Arctic Breeding Songbird" 
Faculty Mentor:  C. Loren Buck, Biological Sciences.
Brady Salli Proposal