Undergraduate Research Grant Archives

2010-2011 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

Spring 2011 Grant Recipients

Alyssa Hoskie (Psychology): "Sex Differences in Ethanol Sensitivity and Metabolism in Dwarf Hamsters"
Faculty Mentors: Dr Gwen Lupfer-Johnson, Psycology, and Dr. Ian van Tets, Biology
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Brendan Babb (Computer Science): "Speeding up Image Compression Research via Genetic Algorithms and UAA's GPU Server:
Faculty Mentor: Dr Kenrick Mock, Computer Science

Mikaela Mulder (Psycology): "Gender Differences in Computer Anxiety and Self-Efficacy: A Study of College Students"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Claudia Lampman, Psychology

Fall 2010 Grant Recipients

Justin WeaverJustin Weaver (Computer Science): "Iris Recognition for Continuous Biometric User Authentication"
Faculty Mentor:  Kenrick Mock, Computer Science
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Gloria KingGloria King (Theatre):  "Applause Rising Talent Showcase"
Faculty Mentor:  Daniel Anteau, Theatre and Dance
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Adam ButlerAdam Butler (Psychology): "The Effect of Short Duration Mindfulness Meditation on Attention and Stress"
Faculty Mentor:  Robert Boeckmann, Psychology
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Erica ChenowethErica Chenoweth (Natural Sciences:  "Winston S. Churchill's Autobiography: My Early Life"
Faculty Mentor:  James Muller, Political Science
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Candace Ede (Chemistry):  "Determination of Pharmaceutical Compounds in Anchorage Wastewater and Streams" 
Faculty Mentor:  John Kennish, Chemistry
Proposal Currently Unavailable

David NashDavid Nash (Biological Sciences):  "Characterizing the Expression of Transgenic Polyglutamine Repeat Proteins in A. thaliana"
Faculty  Mentor:  Ben Harrison, Biological Sciences
Proposal Currently Unavailable


2009-2010 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

Fall 2009 Grant Recipients

Spring 2009 Grant Recipients

Megan Cardenas (Geological Sciences): "Geochemical and Physical Connectivity Between Surface Water and Groundwater in the Anchorage Watershed"
Faculty Mentor: LeeAnn Munk, Geological Sciences
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Sean Egan (Computer Sciences/Chemistry): "The Use of N-heterocyclic Carbenes in Iron Catalyzed Cross Coupling Reactions"
Faculty Mentor: Marc Perry, Chemistry
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Merrill Flint (Music): "Performance of Songs for Voice, Guitar and Lute"
Faculty Mentor: Mari Hahn, Music
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Deana Glick (Biological Sciences): "The Effects of Benzene and its Metabolites on Epithelial Lung Cells"
Faculty Mentor: Cindy Knall, WWAMI
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Britny Herzog (Computer Sciences): "Bio-Inspired Intelligent Satellite Image Compression"
Faculty Mentor: Michael Peterson, Computer Sciences
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Sunil Panthi, Dane Ketner, Rolan Baguyos (Engineering): "An Analysis of Seismic Activity from Redoubt Volcano, AK Using the Hilbert-Huang Transformation"
Faculty Mentors: Jens Munk, Engineering and LeeAnn Munk, Geological Sciences
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Kameron Walters: "Skylines and Conversations"
Faculty Mentor: Don Rearden, Developmental Studies
Proposal Currently Unavailable

2008-2009 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

Fall 2008 Grant Recipients

Mary Shannon Huber (Art):  “Decay: A Textural Appreciation of Maturity”   
Faculty Mentor: Mariano Gonzales, Art
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Anthony Oliva (Theatre):  “Aerial Fabric Aspirations”
Faculty Mentor: Tom Skore, Theatre
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Tina Thi Tran (Biological Sciences):  “Expression of Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) and gonadotropin inhibitory hormone (GnIH) in photoperiod responsive and nonresponsive morphs of Northern red-backed vole, Myodes rutilus
Faculty Mentor:  Ian van Tets, Biological Sciences
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Stephen Deutsch, Dax Ehrhart and Peter Bradley (Economics):  “Breaking the Plurality Bandwagon: An Experimental Test of Instant Run-off Voting”
Faculty Mentor: James Murphy, Economics
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Mike Redlinger and Kelcie Ralph (Economics):  “Property Rights, Inequality, and Endowments:  A variation on the standard dictator game” 
Faculty Mentor: James Murphy, Economics
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Uzma Manzoor (Psychology):  "Observational Learning in Dwarf Hamsters"
Faculty Mentor: Gwen Lupfer-Johnson (Psychology)
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Spring 2008 Grant Recipients

Amanda Fitzgerald (Biology):  "Determining the Role of Individual Domains on Williams Syndrome Transcription Factor in Xenopus laevis." 
Faculty Mentor: Jocelyn Krebs, Biological Sciences
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Carly Craig (Biology):  "Testing the Role of ISWI in Xenopus laevis development with a dominant negative ISWI mutant. "
Faculty Mentor: Jocelyn Krebs, Biological Sciences
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Ruby Kennell (Fine Arts):  "Performative Intimacy: A Self-Portrait"
Faculty Mentor: Garry Kaulitz, Art and Sean Licka, Art
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Linda Blackwell (Psychology), Jennifer LaCasse (Psychology), Sarah Roberson (Psychology):  "Effects of Flavor Variety on Food-Motivated Behavior in Dwarf Hamsters (Phodopus Campbelli)"
Faculty Mentor: Gwen Lupfer-Johnson, Psychology and Eric Murphy, Psychology
Proposal Currently Unavailable

2007-2008 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

Jeremy Chignell (Biology):  "Effects of Nutrients and Light Availability on the Nature of Sphagnum Exudates with Respect to Bacterial Growth"
Faculty Mentor: Bjartmar Sveinbjornsson, Biology
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Rebecca Volino Robinson (Psychology):  "Postpartum Depression, Social Support, and Perception of Birth"
Faculty Mentor: Claudia Lampman, Psychology
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Paul Bilodeau (Engineering):  "Design of Three-Dimensional Precision Positioning Compliant Mechanism"
Faculty Mentor: Nicolae Lobontiu, Engineering
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Eric Mathews (Chemistry):  "Investigation of Chlorinated Fatty Acids within Phospholipids Classes Found in Tissue of Alaskan Sea Otters"
Faculty Mentor: John Kennish, Chemistry
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Austin Roach (Music):  "A Little Night Music (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik): A Musical Study and Performance of Mozartian Style"
Faculty Mentor: Mark Wolbers, Music
Group Members: Mario Ayerdis, Lance Hagood, Kacee Muth, Sofia Lagos, and Brian Moon

Kali Bennett (Art):  "Sensorium: A Photographic Exploration of Man and Nature"
Faculty Mentor: Mariano Gonzales, Art
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Alison Eshenower (BS Biochemistry): "Cold Sensitivity in S. cerevisiae histone H2A Mutants"
Faculty Mentor: Jocelyn Krebs, Biological Sciences

Kevin Connaker (BS Geological Sciences): "The Occurrence and Speciation of Iron and Associated Potentially Toxic Metals in Groundwater of Anchorage, Alaska: A Focus on Private Drinking Water Wells"
Faculty Mentor:  LeeAnn Munk, Geological Sciences

Eric Addison (BS Engineering): "Combining Geophysics and Geochemistry to Understand the Amomalous Occurence of Permafrost in Anchorage, Alaska"
Faculty Mentor: Jens Munk, Engineering and LeeAnn Munk, Geological Sciences

Andrew Yaden (BS Natural Sciences): "Contingent Valuation of Visibility in Seward, Alaska"
Faculty Mentor: Steve Colt, Economics

Randy Ashford (BS Psychology): "Coexistence Dynamics: Testing an Integrative Model of Human Conflict"
Faculty Mentor: Shelley Theno, Psychology, KPC

2006-2007 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

Vanessa BergstedtVanessa Bergstedt (BS, Chemistry): “An Investigation of Chlorohydroxy Fatty Acids”
Faculty mentor: John Kennish


Arthur SchultzArthur Schultz (BS, Biological Sciences): “Molecular and Morphological Diversity of Stylaster Corals in Alaska”
Faculty mentor: S.V. Drovetski


Desire SheplerDesire Shepler (BA, Psychology): “Effects of Yoga on Self-Objectification in Adolescent Girls”
Faculty mentor: Gwen Lupfer-Johnson


Christopher SmithChristopher Smith (BA, Anthropology):  “Tlingit Tourist Art 1870 to Present”
Faculty mentor: Phyllis Fast


Nevada StartNevada Start (BM, Music Education) and group members Joseph Bourgeois (BA, Music), Nate Foerster (BA, Music), Destiny Jeffery (BM, Music Education), and Adam Weber (BM, Music Education):  “University Guitar Ensemble Research and Performance Project”
Faculty mentor: Rozanne Wilson-Marsh


Rachel SteerRachel Steer (BA, Journalism): “Belugas and Bridges: A Rhetorical Analysis of Public Science Communication in Southcentral Alaska”
Faculty mentor: Jacqueline Cason


Revathy Thigarajan-SmithRevathy Thiagarajan-Smith (BS, Chemistry): “Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Bowhead Whale and Alaskan Sea Otters”
Faculty mentor: John Kennish


2005-2006 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

Dorene Asay-Wilkinson (BA, Philosophy): "The Implications of Foundational Epistemology on Date Rape and the Law"
Faculty mentors: Tom Buller and Stephanie Bauer

Stephanie Engel (BSW, Social Work): "Assessing Caregiver Needs to Develop a Caregiver Support Program"
Faculty mentor: Tracey Burke

Sofia Lagos (BM, Music): "Classical Era Research/Perfomance Project"
Faculty mentor: Mark Wolbers

Jessica Reyna (BA, Psychology): "Meeting Places and the Longevity of Relationships: Distal Factors of Correlation"
Faculty mentor: Robert Boeckmann

Reem Sheikh (BS, Biological Sciences): "Fluorescent Analyses of Asthma Associated Mucin Protein Expression Exposure to Environmental Contaminants"
Faculty mentor: Carol Jones

G. Matthew Snodgrass
(BA, Justice): "Sexual Assault Case Processing: A Model of Attrition and Decision Making"
Faculty mentor: Andre Rosay

Joshua Anderson
(BS, Geological Science): "Source and Transport of Granite Glacial Erratics in Chugach Mountains"
Faculty mentor: Kristine Crossen

Ruby Kennell (BFA, Art): “Dysfunction: An Exploration on Relationships”
Faculty mentors: Kat Tomka and Sean Licka

2004-2005 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

Heather Arkinson - BS, Civil Engineering: "Investigation of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Anchorage Water Sources"
Faculty mentor: Craig Woolard

Julia Cohen – BS Geological Sciences: "Contributions of Chemical Weathering of Bedrock to Natural Waters in Anchorage, Alaska"
Faculty mentor: LeeAnn Munk

Virginia Cress
- BS, Psychology: "An Examination of the Relationship Between Hardiness, Stress and Health-Promoting Behaviors Among College Students"
Faculty mentor: Claudia Lampman

Cedar Cussins - BA, Theatre: "Homeless at 20 Below: A Photographic Investigation of Life"
Faculty mentor: Thomas Skore

Joel Matthew Hunt - BA, Justice: "Ecology of Gun Crime in Anchorage Alaska: Testing the Collective Efficacy Measure as an Indicator of Crime Rates"
Faculty mentor: Sharon Chamard

Cassie Iutzi-Mitchell - BA, Languages: "Linguistic and Cultural Barriers to Health Care for Spanish-speaking Patients in Anchorage: A Qualitative Analysis"
Faculty mentor: Francisco Miranda

Lorraine Perez Castillo- BS, Biological Sciences: "Identification of ISWI Chromatin Remodeling Complex(es) Required for Eye Development and Cataract Prevention"
Faculty mentor: Jocelyn Krebs

Rebecca Prieto - BA, Psychology: "Minority Disparity in College Retention: An Examination of Alaska Native Retention Programs at the University of Alaska Anchorage"
Faculty mentor: Claudia Lampman

Eric Sjoden - BS, Biological Sciences: "Rapid Evolutionary Divergence of Sculpin in Bering Glacier Region, Alaska" 
Faculty mentor: Frank von Hippel

2003-2004 Undergraduate Research Grant Award Recipients

Carmen Hanson - BS, Biological Sciences: "A Cellular Model for Modulation of the Immune Regulator RANTES by Environmental Contaminates"
Faculty mentor: Carol Jones

Ryan Kingrea - BA, Philosophy: "Defense of R.M. Dworkin's Jurisprudence"
Faculty mentor: Jennifer Everett

Jolene Rearick - BS, Biological Sciences: "Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Eelgrass in Southeastern Alaska"
Faculty mentor: Garry Davies

Nikolai Petrov - BS, Civil Engineering: "Comparison Study on Linear-Elastic and Nonlinear-Inelastic Seismic Responses in Fluid-Tank Systems"
Faculty mentors: He Liu and Joey Yang

Mandy Yan - BA, Journalism and Public Communication: "Person Perception"
Faculty mentor: Claudia Lampman

2002-03 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

Reality S. Canty, BS Psychology. "Constructing Meaning in Biological Text."
Faculty mentor: Robert Madigan

Abbegayle Dodds, BS Chemistry. "Maintenance of Arsenic Speciation of EDTA."
Faculty mentor: John Kennish

Adryan Glasgow, BA Philosophy/Literature. "Expanding Humean Ethics."
Faculty mentor: Jennifer Everett

Enola Hoffman, BS Biological Sciences. "Preferential Histone H2A Modifications in S. Cerevisiae."
Faculty mentor: Jocelyn Krebs

Tobias Schwoerer, BA Economics. "Ending the 'Race for Fish' Makes Fish and Fishers Better Off."
Faculty mentor: Gunnar Knapp

2001-02 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

Eric J. R. David, BS Psychology. "Determining Potential Sources of Psychological Distress Among Highly Acculturated & Lesser Acculturated Filipino-American Adolescents."
Faculty mentor: John Petraitis

Priscilla Hensley, BA English. "Alaska Native Dance in Anchorage." 
Faculty mentor: Jill Flanders Crosby

Rebekah Miller, BS Biological Sciences. "Benefits of Writing about Traumatic Experiences for Individuals with Chronic Illness." 
Faculty mentor: Claudia Lampman

Patrick Mosher, BS Natural Science and Psychology. "In Vivo X-ChIP Analyses of Histone H2A Phosphorylation in the Repair Response to DNA-Double-Strand-Breaks in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae." 
Faculty mentor: Jocelyn Krebs

Hillary Pearson, BA Justice. "Fairview Street Design and Crime."
Faculty mentor: Allan Barnes