Student Success Resources and News During COVID-19

Let us know how we did! 

As the end of the Spring 2020 semester draws near, we wanted to check in with you to see how you are doing, what worked well for you this semester in your classes, and where we need to improve for the summer 2020 sessions. Please take a few minutes to answer these questions so we can share your feedback with faculty, advisors, and IT staff so they know what you will need to succeed going forward.

Spring 2020 Student Survey on COVID-19



Consortium Library 

Health and Well-Being Resources for Students During COVID-19

Helping Seawolves Stay on Track during COVID - April 7th, 2020 Update 

Student to Student Tips for Successful Online Learning during COVID-19

UAA IT Services is Here to Help! 

UAA IT Services has created a survey aimed at students, faculty, or staff to report technology challenges, whether it’s lack of a computer or limited internet access. UAA IT also has a status page that highlights recent activity and work in progress. Additionally, IT services continues to collaborate to add resources to the UA Virtual Campus resource site. This is a great resource for students, faculty and staff. 

IT Services has several solutions to support students with their technology needs. IT recently acquired a limited quantity of mobile hotspots (Verizon) and Google Chrome books that are available to students who don’t have other options. Please contact IT Services to learn more:



Fall 2020 Priority Registration 

Monday, March 23rd - Schedule Viewable in UAOnline 
Friday, April 3rd - UAA Graduate Students 
Monday, April 6th - UAA Seniors (90+ Credits Earned) 
Tuesday, April 7th - UAA Juniors (60-89 Credits Earned) 
Wednesday, April 8th - UAA Sophomores (30-59 Credits Earned)
Thursday, April 9th - UAA Freshmen (0-29 Credits Earned) 
Monday, April 13th - UAA Incoming Students with Pending Fall Admission Applications 
Monday, April 20th - Open Registration 

For more information, please visit or call 907-786-1480, option 5. 

Credit/No Credit Deadlines for Summer Session

Dear UAA students,

I have received several questions about the CR/NC option for summer courses.  I know the unprecedented change of moving most courses to alternate delivery continues to present challenges for many of you, as you balance school, work and family obligations.  To provide you flexibility, UAA will implement the following for summer 2020 semester. 

Credit/No Credit Grade Option 

You may elect to change the grade option for each of your classes to the Credit/No Credit basis instead of the letter grade option.  A Credit grade earned in summer semester 2020 will count toward elective, pre-requisite, general education, degree, major and/or minor requirements.

The deadlines for your decisions are the following:

Summer Session Credit/No Credit Deadline
10 week session (May 18-Aug 1) July 31
1st 5-week session (May 18-June 22) June 22
2nd 5-week session (June 25-Aug 1) July 31
12-week session (May 18-Aug 7) July 31

 You will have until the above deadlines to make the decisions for your summer 2020 courses.  There will be an updated form on the Office of the Registrar’s forms site that you must submit by the deadline.  For a variety of reasons, including possible adverse impact on your Financial Aid award, if applicable, it is recommended that you make this decision close to the deadline, and that you consult with your academic advisor and other relevant UAA offices. If you do not wish to change to credit/no credit for your classes, you do not need to take any action.

What do you need to know about the Credit/No Credit Option?

If you choose the Credit/No Credit option for a course and earn a final grade of A, B, or C, your transcript will show that you received the grade of Credit (CR). A grade of (CR) will have no negative consequences for Satisfactory Academic Progress or federal Financial Aid. Be aware that a CR grade will not automatically qualify you as having met a prerequisite for a future course.  This means you will need an override to register for some courses in future semesters.

If you choose the Credit/No Credit option for a course and earn a final grade of D or F, your transcript will show that you received the grade of No Credit (NC). A grade of (NC) will impact Satisfactory Academic Progress, Financial Aid and VA Educational Benefits eligibility.  A letter grade of D, on the other hand, is considered passing and does not have the same effects.

(CR)/(NC) grades do not impact Grade Point Average (GPA) either positively or negatively. If you take a course for grade improvement, a (CR) grade will not count as improving GPA for previous grades in the same course.

In some cases, you may want to receive a letter grade rather than a (CR) grade.  For example, if you are applying to graduate or professional school or if letter grades are needed for a certification or licensure.  Additionally, there will be a processing delay for a Credit/No Credit grade, which also might affect you.

Financial Aid Implications

If you are receiving financial aid, you will want to discuss the possible impacts of the above decisions with the UAA Office of Financial Aid.  Each kind of aid has different rules and regulations.

For this reason, I recommend that if you are receiving financial aid of any kind, you check on any financial aid implications before choosing the Credit/No Credit option, and that you wait until closer to the deadline, before choosing this option.

International Students, Military and Veteran Students, Student Athletes 

If you are an international student, a student athlete, and/or are receiving military tuition assistance or VA educational benefits, please be aware that you may be negatively impacted by electing a Credit/No Credit grade.  If you are in one of these groups, you should not make any decisions without first checking on how it will impact your eligibility and funding.

Please work with your academic advisor when considering the above decisions.  Your advisor can connect you with the appropriate assistance in other offices.


John Stalvey, Interim Provost


Howl Days Will Be Coming to a Computer Screen Near You! 

Welcome future Seawolves! Howl Days Orientations are designed for all incoming UAA students, whether you are a first-time freshman (never attended college before), transfer student, or student returning to college after a long break. To continue social distancing, Howl Days will be moved to an online format for the upcoming academic year. Check back for updates on how to register, placement tests, course registration, and how to attend!