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Where Do You Want to Go? 

UAA offers hundreds of education abroad opportunities for students, including study abroad programs through third party providers, international student exchange programs, international internship programs, faculty-led programs, and more! Students have the opportunity to earn UAA credit abroad that can apply to your degree program. Whether you go for a few weeks, a semester, or a year, there's a program that's just right for you! You can even go on more than one program! While some programs do have foreign language requirements, many others are taught in English and/or offer beginning-level language courses. Costs depend on the program and location, but you can use most financial aid on program costs and there are lots of scholarships opportunities available.

Discover Your Education Abroad Options

Check out our Study Abroad 101 informational sessions held throughout each semester to find out which education abroad program is for you!

Study Abroad 101



Meet Your Education Abroad Coordinator!

We encourage you to set up an appointment with our office to get one-on-one advising. We can help you determine which options are the best for you and help you explore those options more in-depth.

Mara James, Education Abroad Coordinator

Phone: 907-786-1720



UAA's International & Intercultural Learning Values

The Office of International and Intercultural Affairs supports UAA's International and Intercultural Learning Values by facilitating education abroad opportunities for our students. It also supports the development of institutional and college-level international partnerships, including managing exchange agreements, and it assists the institution in welcoming visiting delegates.
  1. Understand one's own culture(s) within an Alaskan, national and global context.

  2. Apply knowledge and critical thinking to global and cultural issues, trends, and systems and use diverse frames of reference to address problems.

  3. Communicate and connect with people in other communities to extend one's own access to information, experiences and understanding.

  4. Foster additional languages, including Alaska Native languages, as a compliment of the UAA experience.

  5. Develop an informed critical awareness and understanding of cultural differences, similarities, and ambiguities. 

  6. Gain an Alaskan, national, and international perspective on careers.

Approved March 9, 2012