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 The Office of International and Intercultural Affairs supports UAA's International and Intercultural Learning Values by facilitating education abroad opportunities for our students. It also supports the development of institutional and college-level international partnerships, including managing exchange agreements, and it assists the institution in welcoming visiting delegates.

All UAA students must coordinate their study abroad experience through the Office of International and Intercultural Affairs. This assures that students maintain admission status at UAA, receive resident credit towards their degree or certificate program and can use qualifying financial aid.

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Explore the Arctic

UAA is a member of the University of the Arctic and participates in the North2North Exchange Program. Membership allows UAA students to attend a wide range of Arctic institutions. UAA faculty engaged in activities related to the Arctic and Circumpolar North suggest this short list of universities and academic fields as a starting place for your consideration.

For more information on how to apply for North2North programs, see our Application Information & Forms page.

For more information on UArctic at UAA, visit our University of the Arctic or North2North pages.

Partner Programs

Many UAA students go abroad through programs offered by our partner organizations. Students must meet the eligibility requirements for the particular program and pay a comprehensive program fee to an affiliated program provider. UAA's program partners are:

For more information on how to apply for study abroad programs, see our Application Information & Forms page.

Exchange Programs

UAA partners with specific institutions in Japan, Germany, Australia, England and Scotland. UAA students on an exchange typically pay tuition to UAA, and housing, meals and fees to their host school. UAA has active reciprocal exchanges with:

For more information on how to apply for exchange programs, see our Application Information & Forms page.

Fulbright U.S. Student Program

UAA's students are very successful in winning Fulbright Awards to teach or research abroad after graduation. The University Honors College assists enrolled UAA students applying for Fulbright Student programs which include grants for study, research, and English teaching assistantships. Students should meet with the Honors College to explore this opportunity early, at least a year in advance of applying.


Jordan Loewe with Jaipur elementary school children.

UAA's International & Intercultural Learning Values

  1. Understand one's own culture(s) within an Alaskan, national and global context.

  2. Apply knowledge and critical thinking to global and cultural issues, trends, and systems and use diverse frames of reference to address problems.

  3. Communicate and connect with people in other communities to extend one's own access to information, experiences and understanding.

  4. Foster additional languages, including Alaska Native languages, as a compliment of the UAA experience.

  5. Develop an informed critical awareness and understanding of cultural differences, similarities, and ambiguities. 

  6. Gain an Alaskan, national, and international perspective on careers.

Approved March 9, 2012


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