Getting Started with Education Abroad

Become a World Traveler

UAA has a variety of programs to choose from in hundreds of universities and site option all over the world. Students can go for a few weeks, a summer, a semester, to a year or more! 

Students interested in studying abroad need to be willing to embrace the unknown, try new things, and be flexible with change. Those who participate are forever changed. Students return with more self-confidence, intellectual and social competencies, an appreciation of the world or our country, and new skills and knowledge for professional success.

While abroad, you will still be considered a UAA student and you may choose to continue working on major requirements within your degree, fulfill classes for a minor, work on language skills, or dive into a new area of study. All course work will return to your UAA transcript and will be calculated within your GPA.


All students applying fo Education Abroad programs through UAA must fulfill minimum eligibility requirements. A student must:
  • Be a degree-seeking student at UAA (working towards a Certificate, Associates, Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD, for example; you do not need to have a declared major)
  • Complete the equivalent of 2 full-time semesters (24 credits total) at UAA before the first semester abroad
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 when application is due
  • Good academic, disciplinary, and financial standing at UAA

Note: Specific programs may have other requirements, such as a higher GPA or specific language proficiency requirements. The requirements listed above are the minimum requirements for being accepted by UAA for an Education Abroad program. Once accepted by UAA, you must also apply and be accepted by the host institution or organization. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance into an Education Abroad program. 

In addition, if you no longer meet the minimum requirements the semester before your program starts, you will no longer be eligible or be able to participate in the Education Abroad program.

Faculty-Led Programs may have different requirements than those listed above.

As you research your options, you will be amazed at how affordable, accessible, and varied the study abroad programs are. To choose which program is best for you, you may ask yourself the following questions:

  • How does this program fit into my academic goals?
  • How can this experience enhance my résumé?
  • Are financial and money matters my first concern?
  • How far from home do I really want to go? 
  • What kind of city do I want to live in? 
  • Am I comfortable being a country that doesn't speak English as a first language? 

There are many factors involved with choosing the right Education Abroad program for you, including finances, academics, and other personal and academic goals. Please see the following resources about how you can successfully prepare for your Education Abroad experience. 

We encourage you to set up an appointment with our office to get one-on-one advising. We can help you determine which options are the best for you and help you explore those options more in-depth. You can always call (907-786-1720) or e-mail (

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Schedule an appointment with the Education Abroad Coordinator to discuss your opportunities and find out more information about the application process.  

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