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Children’s Behavioral Health Occupational Endorsement Certificate

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    Children’s Behavioral Health Occupational Endorsement Certificate

    Gain essential skills in the therapeutic treatment of children from Alaska’s only accredited human services program.

Explore the children’s behavioral health occupational endorsement certificate program at the University of Alaska Anchorage

To help fill a high demand for well-trained, qualified personnel in human services, UAA provides specialized training and certification in children’s behavioral health. This program is widely applicable to a variety of professionals in diverse work settings.

Who should enroll?
UAA’s children’s behavioral health certificate is designed for those who are currently working with or planning to work with children and youth in therapeutic residential settings such as teachers, classroom aids, special education instructors and early childhood care providers.

Children’s behavioral health scholarships and financial aid
The children's behavioral health certificate is not Title IV eligible. Visit the UAA Office of Financial Aid to learn about more options to help pay for college.

Flexible program options
Complete some courses online to get training while staying closer to home and work. You’ll join undergraduate students across Alaska who share insights on their experiences in diverse home, community, school and work settings.

Children’s Behavioral Health Occupational Endorsement Certificate

Degree Type:

  • Certificate (all levels)

Program Length: One year

Availability:Anchorage campus

Other program options: O.E.C. in Conflict Resolution, O.E.C. in Diversity & Social Justice, A.A.S. in Human Services, Bachelor of Human Services

Did you know..

Enhance and demonstrate your job skills with a convenient, affordable certification program in children’s behavioral health.

What can you do with a children’s behavioral health certificate from UAA?

Program alumni typically work with children and youth experiencing behavioral health or related disabilities in their home, school and community.

Children’s behavioral health advanced programs

  • A.A.S. in human services
  • Bachelor of Human Services
  • Minor in children’s mental health

Children’s behavioral health careers

  • Care coordinator
  • Case manager
  • Classroom aid
  • Special education instructor
  • Early childhood education teacher
  • Service development coordinator
  • Implementation specialist
  • Direct service supervisor

Children’s behavioral health occupational endorsement certificate program highlights

Develop specialized skills and techniques to work as a direct service professional with children and students who present challenging behaviors in different environments.

  • Gain hands-on practice and experience with applied practicum projects in each course. You’ll work directly with a client or in a simulated case scenario to apply course content to real-world situations.
  • Get on the path to an undergraduate degree. Coursework in the occupational endorsement certificate program for children’s behavioral health also fulfills undergraduate human services degree requirements, as well as selective credits for the psychology department’s minor in children’s mental health. If you choose O.E.C. electives, you could be well on your way to earning a minor, A.A.S. or B.H.S.
  • Learn from human services professionals with years of practical experience. Program faculty have worked directly with children and youth with behavioral health or related disabilities and help demonstrate the concepts and strategies required in the service system.
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Housed in the College of Health, the UAA Human Services Department offers two undergraduate degree programs, a minor and two undergraduate certificate options to help prepare students for entry-level and leadership positions in their field.

Department of Human Services
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Housed in the College of Arts and Sciences, the UAA Psychology Department offers two bachelor’s degrees, two minors and two graduate programs, including an accredited Ph.D. in clinical-community psychology with a rural, indigenous emphasis.

Department of Psychology

Children’s behavioral health occupational endorsement certificate program curriculum

With a focus on developing trauma-informed care and treatment, the certificate in children’s behavioral health will help you understand and develop strategies to support and shape the behavior of children and youth using therapeutic techniques, child development models and cultural responsiveness.

Why get a children’s mental health certification?
Not only does specialized training help you qualify for greater responsibilities and higher-level jobs, but it also helps you be more effective in your day-to-day work and can make your job easier and more enjoyable.

Top classes for children’s behavioral health majors

  • Use the applied behavior analysis model to proactively teach desired skills and behaviors in Teaching Social Skills.
  • Apply the functional behavior assessment process to develop a person-centered plan in Positive Behavior Support.
  • Learn treatment strategies and interventions for children who have been exposed to traumatic influences in Working With Traumatized Children.