Does the AAS Dental Hygiene degree require math?

The degree program does not specifically require Math. Students testing below Math A151, College Algebra for Calculus, are required to complete Math A105, Intermediate Algebra, prior to enrollment in a required prerequisite - Chemistry A103.

How many students get into the full-major program each year?

The Dental Hygiene program accepts 14 students each year into it's full-major program.

How many applications does the program receive each year?

The number of applications that the Dental Hygiene program receives each year fluctuates.  However, the program typically receives anywhere from 35-50 applications each year.

How can I become a competitive applicant?

Competitive applicants have strong science and non-science GPAs and strong TEAS V for Allied Health exam scores.  Top tier candidates are offered interviews.  Therefore, interview skills are also important. 


Dental Hygiene Application [web]

Sample Dental Hygiene Application [pdf]

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Mandatory Advising Quiz [web]

Recommendation Form [pdf]

Change of Major Form [pdf]

Dental Hygiene Advising Brochure

Dental Hygiene Advising Syllabus [pdf]

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