School of Allied Health Faculty & Staff Directory

Meet the School of Allied Health Team

  • T.J. Miller, HPER Program Director"The graduates of this program learn the skills needed to be a valued, confident and competent health, wellness, fitness and recreation professionals. Kinesiology graduates are highly employable and well-prepared for further graduate studies upon completion of the program."

    -T.J. Miller, HPER Program Chair

  • Lisa Nash, M.Ed, CMA (AAMA)"Our program is a great choice for students looking to build a firm health career foundation. Our school's mission is to educate and develop allied health professionals to serve all of Alaskans. We look forward to sharing a passion for patient care with you."

    -Lisa Nash, M.Ed, CMA (AAMA), MA Program Director

  • Karen Gallagher, Ph.D., CCC-SLP"Our students come from diverse backgrounds, bringing a wealth of experiences and varying perspectives. This diversity enhances the learning environment and strong sense of community. I welcome you to start on your path to this very rewarding career."

    -Karen L. Gallagher, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, SLP Program Director

School of Allied Health Administration

Name Title Phone Email
School of Allied Health  General Information 907-786-4346
LeeAnne Carrothers Assistant Dean of Allied Health 907-786-6932
Bridgett Mayorga Associate Director 907-786-6976
Katie Walker Instructional Designer 907-786-4333
Jordana Newman Communications Coordinator 907-786-4416
Jeni Taylor Office Manager 907-786-6933
Maria Thenell Program Support Specialist 907-786-6929
Tabitha Drover Program Support Specialist 907-786-6782
Shawn Patiag Program Support Specialist 907-786-6936
Sydney Baranov-Kaderman Dental Clinic Support Specialist 907-786-6943


Certified Nursing Assistant

Name Title Phone Email
Marsha Bailey Program Director/Term Assistant Professor 907-786-4310


Dental Assisting

Name Title Phone Email
Stephanie Olson Program Director/Professor 907-786-6923
Laura Stoddard Term Assistant Professor 907-786-6983


Dental Hygiene

Name Title Phone Email
Carri Shamburger Program Director/Associate Professor 907-786-4344
Jessica Ross Assistant Professor 907-786-6926
Tammy Sanderson Associate Professor 907-786-6925


Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Name Title Phone Email
Bridgett Mayorga Program Director/Term Assistant Professor 907-786-6976
Christina Pearson Term Assistant Professor/Clinical Coordinator 907-786-6946


Dietetics and Nutrition

Name Title Phone Email
Carrie King Professor 907-786-6597
Amanda Walch Assistant Professor 907-786-1362
Melissa Chlupach Term Assistant Professor 907-786-1427
Amy Urbanus Assistant Professor 907-786-0337
Emily Faerber Assistant Professor 907-786-4490


Fire and Emergency Services

Name Title Phone Email
Chris Lau Interim Program Director/Professor 907-786-6476


Health, Physical Education & Recreation

Name Title Phone Email
Carl Arts Term Assistant Professor 907-786-4066
TJ Miller Program Chair/Associate Professor 907-786-4083
Junland Navarro Therapeutics Lab Coordinator 907-786-4083
Eric Oba Term Assistant Professor 907-786-0391


Medical Assisting

Name Title Phone Email
Lisa Nash Program Director/Term Assistant Professor 907-786-4446


Medical Laboratory Science

Name Title Phone Email
Melainie Duckworth Term Assistant Professor 907-786-6927
Grace Leu-Burke Interim Program Director/Term Assistant Professor 907-786-6939
Karen Kurtz Associate Professor 907-786-0303
Jeffrey Rau Laboratory Coordinator 907-786-1084


Physical Therapist Assistant 

Name Title Phone Email
LeeAnne Carrothers Interim Program Director 907-786-6932
Patricia Runde ACCE/Term Assistant Professor 907-786-4769


Radiologic Technology

Name Title Phone Email
Kathryn Slagle Program Director/Term Assistant Professor 907-786-4336
Amanda Loy Term Assistant Professor 907-786-6941
Aaron Beardsley Term Instructor


Speech-Language Pathology

Name Title Phone Email
Karen Gallagher Program Director/Term Assistant Professor 907-786-4712
Cameron Young Term Assistant Professor 907-786-4468


Surgical Technology

Name Title Phone Email
Nicole Clementi Program Director/Term Assistant Professor 907-786-0927
Lenworth Trail Term Assistant Professor 907-786-0928