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    Alaska is an exceptional and affordable choice for higher education while remaining the ninth cheapest state to attend college (College Board rankings). The University of Alaska Anchorage places an emphasis on affordability. Along with keeping costs low, Financial Aid provides assistance in covering the cost of higher education.

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2023-2024 Budgets

NOTE: The College of Engineering and College of Business and Public Policy assesses a tuition surcharge for upper-division and graduate coursework.

The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) and the Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP) are reduced tuition programs for western-region out-of-state students. Learn more about WUE and WRGP.

Student level
Living location
Cost of Attendance for a full-time student who is living taking credits and is a(n) resident.
Tuition and fees Amount Other costs Amount
Tuition 0 Books and supplies 0
Student fees 0 Housing 0
    Food 0
    Transportation 0
    Personal/misc. 0
Tuition and fees: 0 Other costs: 0
Total (estimated cost of attendance): 0


Tuition rates for 2023–24 remain unchanged from tuition 2022-23 rates.

Tuition is determined by:

  • the number of course credits
  • the level (e.g., 100-level, 200-level) of the course
  • the student's residency status

For Fall 2023, non-resident students taking 4 or fewer credits are charged at the resident rate. Beginning in Spring 2024, students will be charged according to their residency status for all credits. There are many ways to get reduced or resident tuition. Students from certain western-region states may also be eligible for reduced tuition (WUE/WRGP).

For professional development course numbers, 500-599, tuition costs vary. Contact the academic department or refer to specific course listing on UAOnline.

Course Level Resident Nonresident WUE/WRGP
Undergraduate lower division 
(course numbers 050-299)
$234 per credit $800 per credit $351 per credit
Undergraduate upper division 
(course numbers 300-499)
$282 per credit $848 per credit $423 per credit
(course numbers 600-699)
$513 per credit $1,079 per credit $513 per credit

Tuition Surcharge

Certain colleges assess a tuition surcharge for certain courses.

  • The College of Engineering (COEng) has a tuition surcharge: 20% of tuition for undergraduate and graduate courses.
  • The College of Business and Public Policy (CBPP) has a tuition surcharge: 20% of tuition for upper-division (300 and 400 level) undergraduate courses and all graduate courses.

Discounts for 2023–24

UAA offers the following discounts on tuition rates and housing costs:

  • Live and Learn in Alaska Initiative: Students who live on campus will have resident tuition rates for all courses offered by Anchorage campus.
  • Online Learning: Non-Alaska residents who take classes that are offered fully online, receive the resident tuition rate for those online classes.
  • General Housing Scholarship: A $1,000 discount on housing costs automatically awarded to each student living on-campus in both the fall and spring semesters. ($2,000 annual discount)
  • Academic Honors Housing Scholarship: A $750 discount on housing costs automatically awarded to UA Scholar recipients and students in the University Honors College living on-campus in both the fall and spring semesters. This scholarship can be stacked with the General Housing Scholarship. ($1,500 annual discount)



There are two types of enrollment-based fees.

  • Mandatory student fees are charged to students based on credit load (how many credits they are taking).
  • Course fees are charged based on particular class types. For example lab classes may have individual lab fees to cover materials.

Mandatory Student Fees

Anchorage Campus Fee

The UAA Anchorage campus assesses a $36.50 per credit fee that starts when a student registers for one credit. The fee appears on a student’s account as “Anchorage Consolidated Fee” and it applies to all students, in all UAA Anchorage courses, regardless of the delivery mode or location.

As a member of the UAA Anchorage community, students have access to great resources, activities, programs and services provided by the mandatory consolidated student fee. This fee helps ensure that students receive a well-rounded educational experience that goes beyond the classroom, enhancing the co-curricular experience and improving the quality of campus life. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the services being provided by the consolidated student, which include:

  • recreational use of the fitness facilities in the Seawolf Sports Complex;
  • reduced ticket prices to big name musicians and comedians;
  • free office visits at the Student Health and Counseling Center;
  • opportunities to participate in student government;
  • free or reduced admission to athletic events;
  • use of ePortfolio software;
  • sustainability initiatives;
  • student radio station KRUA 88.1 FM and The Northern Light student newspaper;
  • Call Team safety escorts, Seawolf shuttle service, and U-Pass municipal bus programs.

There are no waivers, including no senior citizen waivers, for the mandatory student fees. A small number of students take classes as a special program participant and their fees are determined according to the signed memorandum of agreement (e.g., middle colleges).

The UA Network Charge and the Facilities Fee will continue being assessed as separate fees.

Student fees are not refundable unless the student drops their course(s) during the 100 percent refund period. See the Registration website for dates and deadlines.

Facilities Fee

Supports facility renovation and infrastructure renewal. Revenue remains at the university from which the fee is collected.

  • $6 per credit for students registered in one or more credits, regardless of delivery mode.

UA Network Charge

The network charge covers rapidly rising costs of the university-wide infrastructure. The network charge helps offset part of the cost for maintaining and enhancing the system network that connects all UA campuses to each other and to the Lower 48 and allows for Internet and research network access. Half of the fee goes to the UA statewide system for the operation of common networks and half remains at UAA to address local campus network and student access needs. The network charge will be applied on a course-by-course basis to tuition, non-resident surcharges if applicable, and fees in lieu of tuition for credit and noncredit courses. Courses with applicable fees in lieu of tuition less than the lower division credit hour tuition rate will be exempt from the charge. All calculated fees will be rounded to the nearest dollar. The minimum network charge per course will be $3.

  • 4% of tuition for students registered in one or more credits. 

Course Level




Undergraduate lower division 
(course numbers 050-299)

$9 per credit

$32 per credit

$13 per credit

Undergraduate upper division 
(course numbers 300-499)

$11 per credit

$33 per credit

$16 per credit

(course numbers 600-699)

$21 per credit

$43 per credit

$21 per credit

Course Fees

Course fees vary by course and are shown on the UAOnline detailed class information pages. To view fees for a specific class, go to the UAOnline Class Schedule Search and click on the class CRN.

  • Administrative Fee: An administrative fee may be charged instead of tuition.
  • Lab and Materials Fees: These additional charges cover the costs of lab supplies. Refer to the specific class listing on UAOnline for more information on lab and material fees. These fees are not refundable unless the class is dropped during the 100 percent refund period.
  • Special Fees: Special fees are assessed to pay for travel, equipment or facilities out of the ordinary.

Other Fees

The following fees are applicable in specific circumstances and do not apply to everyone.

  • Continuous Registration Fee (graduate students): The continuous registration fee is the same amount as tuition for one resident graduate credit.
  • Late Payment Fees: A $125 fee will be assessed on all accounts which are not paid by the payment deadline. An additional $175 fee will be assessed later in the semester on all accounts still outstanding. Students who pay for or drop their courses prior to the published payment deadline will not be assessed the fee. Find payment deadlines on the Registration Dates and Deadlines calendar.
  • Parking Fee: Fee paid to use parking lots on campus each semester. Students may buy parking decals at For more information, call 907-786-1119 or visit Parking Services.

Licensure/Certificate Fees

Licensure/certificate fees are for professional licensure, certification, or a first professional credential and are an allowance for the costs associated with obtaining a license, certification, or a first professional credential, for a student in a program that prepares them to enter a profession that requires such a qualification. Students in the following programs will have the additional listed licensure/certificate fees included in their Cost of Attendance:

Occupational Endorsement Certificates
  • Bakery Arts: $36
  • Culinary Arts: $436
  • Veterinary Assisting: $545
  • Welding: $60
Associate of Arts Degrees
  • Culinary Arts: $36
  • Professional Piloting: $3,925
Bachelor Degrees
  • Aviation Technology BS, Professional Piloting Emphasis: $3,925
  • Construction Management BS: $235
  • Early Childhood Education BA: $928
Graduate Certificates
  • Educational Leadership: Principal: $430
  • Language and Literacy Education: $430
  • Special Education: $580
Master Degrees
  • Educational Leadership: $430

Professional Program Fee

A professional program fee is required of all students in the Master of Public Health in Public Health Practice program in addition to course tuition fees, lab fees, course material fees, and student activity fees. The professional program fee is a sum equal to 50 percent of resident tuition and is charged upon enrollment to each 600-level HS course. The fee contributes directly to program support.


Refund policies including petition for refund information can be found in the UAA Catalog.