Seawolf Advisory!

This morning, our Facilities and Campus Services team was made aware of a pothole that shut down the westbound lanes of Northern Lights Boulevard between UAA Drive and Career Center Drive. It has since been upgraded to a sinkhole, and the lanes will remain closed for an undetermined amount of time while crews repair the damage. We anticipate the closure will extend through the week.

Finals week is a very stressful time for students. Students, please know that your professors have been made aware of the situation. Please communicate with them any delays you may experience due to this issue. We know this is an unexpected traffic challenge. Please take a deep breath. We want you to have a smooth and safe finals week.

University of Alaska Anchorage


Saturday Testing Dates

The UAA Testing Center will be open 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on the following Saturdays:

November 9
December 14
January 11
February 15
March 21
April 18
May 9
June 20

Upcoming Closures

November 25, 2019 -  29, 2019 - Thanksgiving
December 20, 2019 - January 2, 2020 - Winter Break
March 13, 2020 - Spring Break
July 1, 2020 - July 31, 2020 - Testing Center relocation to the UAA Library



Testing Center
University of Alaska Anchorage
3901 Old Seward Hwy, Room 112
Anchorage, AK  99503
United States
Tel: (907) 786-4525
Fax:  (907) 786-1674


UAA Testing Center

The UAA Testing Center provides a professional testing environment that supports student retention and success by offering examinations for students and the community that assist with academic and professional advancement.  The testing center maintains membership with and adheres to guidelines set forth by the National College Testing Association (NCTA). 

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Consortium of College Testing Centers
NCTA Certified Center
NCTA Standards
CLEP Top 25 Military Testing Centers


 Testing Center Mission Statement: The UAA Testing Center’s mission is to provide consistent and accurate test administration in a secure environment to students and the community.   We provided testing services, in compliance with the nationally recognized NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines, in order to meet the expanding needs of our students and the community.


Memberships and Standards: The UAA Testing Center is a member of the National College Testing Association (NCTA) and subscribes to the NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines for Post-Secondary Test Centers.