Voicemail Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Information

Q:    How do I access my voicemail - Off Campus ?
A:    You will access your voicemail from off-campus by following these steps:

  • Dial 786-7299
  • Once the system answers press *.
  • Enter your ID followed by #. (5-digit extension #)
  • Enter your Password followed by #.

Q:    How do I access my voicemail - On Campus?
A:    You will logon to voicemail from your phone by following these steps

  • Press Message Key      (Button with the envelope)
  • Follow voice prompts

Note:  If you are setting up your voice mailbox for the first time, your default password is 102006#.  With Unity Voicemail the systems asks you for your ID number.  When asked this they are asking for your 5-digit extension followed by #.

Q:    What is the difference between "Unified Messaging" and "Voice Mail Only"

  • Unified Messaging: UAA Staff or Faculty subscribed to Unified Messaging receive their voice mail in their Exchange mail boxes. If possible, the email will appear with the caller id as the sender.
  • Voice Mail Only: UAA Staff, Faculty or Students in dorm rooms who are not subscribed to Unified Messaging are referred to as Voice Mail Only, and must check their messages via telephone.