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Equipment List IT Services provides audio/video resources, equipment, and expertise to employees on the Anchorage Main Campus and the University Center. Services include delivery, repair, and training for audio video equipment and video teleconferencing. IT Services designs and builds smart classrooms for use in instruction and can also assist with the selection and configuration of equipment in conference rooms and meeting spaces. Videography and video conversion are available for faculty from Academic Innovations & eLearning.

UAA Conference Services

From small meetings to large events and performances, Conference Services has the venue to fit your needs.

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UA Video Conference Services

Providing video conference support for University of Alaska departments statewide.

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Equipment Delivery & Pickup

Faculty and staff can use audio/video equipment in classrooms or offices. Field Services will deliver and set up the equipment or you can pick it up at their office in GHH. See the full list of available equipment.

Requests for AV Equipment should be made through 25Live when creating your event. For more information see the UAA Service Portal.



3300 Seawolf Drive
Gordon Hartlieb Hall (GHH), Room 101
Anchorage, AK 99508


Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm

For assistance, please reach out to the service center directly
as they will be able to assist you most directly or locate the
AV Technician on call.

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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing at UAA utilizes the internet to transmit live audio and video. Field Services has units built into conference and classrooms as well as mobile units that can be temporarily placed in any VTC-ready room. A variety of multimedia devices, including visualizers and laptops can be used to transmit presentations and other materials during a Video Conference. Video conferences using hardware codecs can be scheduled through the OIT Video Conferencing Site.

Request a video conference through Statewide OIT

Smart Classrooms

Some rooms on campus are preconfigured as Smart Classrooms, rooms with built in audio/video equipment. The equipment available depends on the room's tier. Tiers range from 1, general classrooms, to 3, video teleconferencing rooms. See the list of available Smart Classrooms in the technology knowledge base.

Video Production Services for Faculty

Faculty using video in instruction can work with Academic Innovations & eLearning on videography and video conversion. AIeL media services can also help you produce a video from conception to completion. They can assist in converting existing video formats like VHS or DVD to formats suitable for deployment on the web and in smart classrooms.

Equipment List

  • Convener
  • Document Camera
  • Data/Video Projector and Screen
  • Media Cart
  • Microphone - Wireless Handheld
  • Microphone - Wireless Lavalier

Room design

AV services is happy to assist with room design and equipment recommendations. There are no charges for these services and we often can provide control system programming or basic installation depending on the complexity of your project and staff availability. 
There are a number of principles that we design our rooms by but our primary desire is to make the room functional for all users with the usage and size of the space in mind. We will primarily recommend items that are enterprise grade (designed with heavy usage and consistent performance in mind). These items often come at a higher price point so it helps us to understand your overall goals for the space and your budget as we can sometimes design a room to be gradually upgraded over the course of a few years. Please contact the service center to put in a request to have someone from our team contact you.