Office 365 ProPlus

The Office 365 ProPlus program allows current University of Alaska students, staff, and faculty to download the latest versions of Microsoft Office software at no cost. All available applications (dependent upon device) may be installed on up to 5 computers, 5 tablets, and 5 smartphones. The desktop applications are available for download using your UA Username (e.g. and password on the Office 365 site (Windows and macOS only).

Available Applications

Refer to the following table for available applications for your computing device.

Application Windows macOS iOS Android
Microsoft Word Icon Word  Microsoft Word is available on Windows  Microsoft Word is available on macOS  Microsoft Word is available on iOS  Microsoft Word is available on Android
Microsoft Excel Icon Excel  Microsoft Excel is available on Windows  Microsoft Excel is available on macOS  Microsoft Excel is available on iOS  Microsoft Excel is available on Android
Microsoft PowerPoint Icon PowerPoint  Microsoft PowerPoint is available on Windows  Microsoft PowerPoint is available on macOS  Microsoft PowerPoint is available on iOS  Microsoft PowerPoint is available on Android
Microsoft Skype for Business Icon Skype for Business  Microsoft Skype for Business is available on Windows  Microsoft Skype for Business is available on macOS  Microsoft Skype for Business is available on iOS  Microsoft Skype for Business is available on Android
Microsoft Outlook Icon Outlook  Microsoft Outlook is available on Windows  Microsoft Outlook is available on macOS  Microsoft Outlook is available on iOS  Microsoft Outlook is available on Android
Micosoft OneDrive Icon OneDrive  Microsoft OneDrive for Business is available on Windows  Microsoft OneDrive for Business is available on macOS  Microsoft OneDrive for Business is available on iOS  Microsoft OneDrive for Business is available on Android
Microsoft OneNote Icon OneNote  Microsoft OneNote is available on Windows  Microsoft OneNote is available on macOS  Microsoft OneNote is available on iOS  Microsoft OneNote is available on Android
Microsoft Publisher Icon Publisher  Microsoft Publisher is available on Windows      
Microsoft Access Icon Access  Microsoft Access is available on Windows      
Microsoft InfoPath Icon InfoPath  Microsoft InfoPath is available on Windows      
Microsfot Teams Icon Teams Microsoft Teams is available on Windows Microsoft Teams is available on macOS Microsoft Teams is available on iOS Microsoft Teams is available on Android

How to get it

Desktop Applications

For desktop applications on Windows and macOS follow the directions below. It is strongly recommend that you download the software on the device you want to install it on, and in a time and place where you have sufficient connectivity to the Internet that you can download a multi-gigabyte file. Please note you will only be able to download software that is compatible with the operating system you are using at the time you attempt the download. If you desire to install software for a different operating system you will need to sign in from that device and download the applicable installer.

  1. Open a web browser and go to Office 365.
  2. Once there, sign in with your UA Username (e.g. and password.
  3. After you have successfully signed in, in the upper right corner click on your avatar icon, then click on My account.
  4. Under the section labeled Install status click Manage installs.
  5. Click the Install desktop applications link.
  6. Click the Install button to begin downloading the software.
  7. After the download has completed, run the Office installer file in your Downloads folder and follow the steps to install Office.
  8. To active Office on your device, sign in with your UA Username and password.

Mobile Applications

To find available applications for your mobile device, you can search for the name of the application in the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store. Click on one of the links below to go directly to the application download location:


Who can get it

Office 365 ProPlus applications are available at not cost for all current UA students, staff, and faculty.

Students who are no longer taking classes with the university and/or have graduated will no longer have access to the ProPlus software. Students will receive a notification their subscriptions has ended and can choose to continue their subscription on their own; however, they will be responsible for paying for the subscription. Additionally, individual's will no longer be able to access their university affiliated OneDrive for Business storage.

ProPlus FAQs

  • As a faculty/staff member, which version of Microsoft Office should I use?

    Depending on how your device is managed, you should use a different version of the software. Follow the recommendations below for clarification on which software you should use.

    University-owned Devices

    • Managed by campus IT Services: Do not download software via the Office 365 ProPlus program. You are covered through the campus license and campus IT staff will install all needed software.
    • Managed by departmental IT Professional: Consult your IT Professional for their recommendation and assistance with the setup process.

    Personally-owned Devices

    For your computers and devices that are not owned by the university, you should use software available through the Office 365 ProPlus program.

  • How many devices can I install Office 365 ProPlus on?

    You can install Office 365 ProPlus applications on the following:

    • Desktop/Laptop Computers (macOS/Windows): 5
    • Tablets: 5
    • Smartphones: 5

    You can manage check, and revoke, device licenses on the Office 365 Manage installs page.

  • Do I need a license key for Office 365 ProPlus applications?
    No. Applications are activated per device during the setup process for software downloaded from the Office 365 Mange installs page, as well as the Apple App Store, and Google Play store, when you sign in to the application using your UA Username (e.g. and password.
  • I recently purchased Microsoft Office for my personal use. Can I be reimbursed?
    No. As you made a consumer purchase for a Microsoft product, UA has no way to reimburse the purchase.
  • Can I continue to use Office 365 ProPlus applications after I graduate or leave the university?

    After leaving the university, you no longer will have access to the applications associated with your university identity. You will receive a notification that your subscription has ended and can choose to continue the subscription on your own. However, you will be responsible for the paying for the subscription costs.

  • Where can I download software?

    Software can be download from one of three locations depending upon the type of device you desire to install the software on. See the list below for options.

    • Desktop/Laptop Computers (macOS/Windows): Office 365 portal
    • Apple iOS: App Store
    • Android: Google Play Store


Need additional help or have issues

For additional assistance contact the IT Services Techncial Support Center via phone at (907) 786-4646, toll-free at (877) 633-3888, or email at