Access to network resources and the internet are available to students, staff, faculty, and the public. There are a number of modes of internet connection including wired, wireless, and VPN.

Wireless Network (WiFi)

Wireless internet access is available at all UAA campuses. There are three options available on the wireless network.

  • UAA WiFi - Guest - Anyone can use this network for basic internet access. This network has speed and security restrictions. You'll be redirected to a self registration portal after opening a web browser to create your Guest account where your password will be emailed and texted to you. After signing in with your created account you'll be asked to agree to the terms and conditions, after which you'll have internet access.
  • UAA-Event - This is a secure, unrestricted WiFi network that can be deployed upon request for specific events and at specific locations on campus. Please contact the UAA IT Call Center at 786-4646 for more details on this service.
  • UAA WiFi - Anchorage - This is a new network that is currently available across the UAA campus. The new wireless service use WPA2 Enterprise technology for authentication and encryption of all data transmitted over the wireless network. This network only needs to be configured once for use on your device(s).

More information is available in the technology knowledge base. Specific device instructions are available for Windows, Mac OSX, iOS Devices, Android devices.

Residence Hall Network

All UAA residence halls including MAC Housing are equipped with wireless high speed internet connections supported by GCI Communications.

Wired Network

Wired network access is available in offices and classrooms upon request. Many network outlets are already active and configured to automatically connect your computer to the internet (DHCP).

Some employees will have special needs that require manual configuration (static IP address).

To request a static IP address for your wired computer, please contact the UAA IT Call Center at 786-4646.

Accessing UAA from Off Campus (VPN)

For security reasons, many technology resources are not available on the public internet. This includes file shares, software checkout, and some web applications. Employees can setup the virtual private network (VPN) software on their computer to be able to work from home. Connecting via VPN is equivalent to being on campus; though maybe slower depending on your internet connection speed.

The following information will need to be updated on the connection once the app has been downloaded.

  • Description: UAA VPN
  • Server Address:
  • Type in your username and password in the appropriate fields