Web Publishing

UAA's Web presence plays an important communications role in supporting the four pillars of UAA's mission: teaching, research, engagement, and creative expression. Web sites and Web applications present and service academic and administrative information. Web publishing at UAA is supported by University Advancement, Information Technology Services and Disability Support Services, along with thousands of students, faculty and staff.

Content Management System (CMS)

UAA's institutional web site is a primary source of information from UAA to the public. All business units should have a presence in the institutional Web site.

UAA uses OmniUpdate's OU Campus content management system (CMS) to implement its institutional Web site. The CMS supplies colleges, departments, faculty and staff tools necessary to publish an easy-to-maintain and standards-compliant Web site. The CMS is completely web based and does not require additional software. The CMS is simple to learn for people not trained in web development. These features make using a CMS a cost effective solution to managing a large web ecosystem.

Training and Support

  • Technical support is available from the IT Services web application team and the UAA Service Center.
  • CMS training is available via video, the duration of the two videos are about 4.5 hours.
    • We recommend splitting the training into two days.
    • Once you have finished watching the videos, there is a link to an assignment on the right side of the page that you will need to complete.
    • After completing the assignment, the users supervisor or website area head must request permissions to specific folders within our sites by Emailing WebApps

Documentation & References

If you're on the UA network you can view the CMS documentation and tutorials on the OU Campus Training site.

Web Hosting

UAA IT recommends that staff and faculty maintain their biographies, resumes and curriculum vitae in their departments' CMS site. Departments' main site should be hosted in the CMS to minimize costs and complexity. All course-related web content should be hosted in Blackboard Learn. For students, staff, and faculty who need to host static content (text & images), third-party services available using your UA credentials are Google Sites or SharePoint online. Please note that any website published by a UAA staff or faculty member and available to students and/or the public, is subject to UAA's web accessibility policy and UAA's branding guidelines.

UAA web hosting is intended primarily for custom applications using either ASP.NET or PHP, or for specialty sites that don't fit any of the scenarios listed above.

To request a web hosting account, use the Web Hosting Request Form. Contact the UAA Service Center with any questions or requests.