Academic Affairs Contact Information

  Main Number: (907)786-1921                              Fax Number: (907)786-1426

Mailing Address
Office of Academic Affairs
University of Alaska Anchorage
3211 Providence Drive ADM 214
Anchorage, AK 99508

Physical Address
3800 Alumni Drive
Administration/Humanities Building Suite 214
Anchorage, AK 99508

Office of the Provost

Samuel Gingerich 
Provost and Executive
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
ADM 214, 907-786-1050

Monica Kane
Assistant Provost 
ADM 214, 907-786-1030


Raegan Kelliher
Administrative Assistant to
the Provost and Assistant Provost
ADM 214, 907-786-1494

Administrative Support for the Provost and Assistant Provost
ADM 214, 907-786-1473


Academic Affairs Executive Team

Jeane Breinig
Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Alaska Natives &Diversity
ADM 221, 907-786-4358

Marian Bruce
Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Services
ADM 214, 907-786-1063 

Monica Kane
Assistant Provost
ADM 214, 907-786-1030

Susan Kalina
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs
ADM 214, 907-786-1988

Helena Wisniewski
Vice Provost for Research &Graduate Studies
BOC3 368, 907-786-4833

Herb Schroeder
Vice Provost for ANSEP
ANSEP 204, 907-786-1860

Renée Carter-Chapman
Senior Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness, Engagement, and Academic Support
BOC3 353, 907-786-6486