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Academic Assessment Plans and Reports

The focus of Academic Assessment at UAA is on improving student learning and student achievement. Programs develop an Academic Assessment Plan, which is approved after review at the college and institutional levels. Each year program faculty conduct assessment activities according to the approved plan. Program faculty meet to discuss the assessment results and to make recommendations for improving the program and student learning. Faculty report these results and recommendations in an Annual Academic Assessment Report, in which they also reflect on how well past improvements are working. The deans provide feedback on these reports, and the process begins again. The Faculty Senate Academic Assessment Committee plays a major role in supporting program faculty, encouraging programs to focus on assessment that is meaningful, manageable, and organically connected to their direct work with students.

Academic Assessment Plans which have been reviewed by the Faculty Senate Academic Assessment Committee within the past two years are posted here, linked under the program name. Others will be posted as we are able to make them accessible, and are otherwise posted on IR-Reports.

Annual Academic Assessment Reports up to AY2020 are posted in the Academic Assessment Repository on IR-Reports. Moving forward from AY2021, all Assessment Reports are posted here.