Academic Assessment Plans and Reports

The focus of Academic Assessment at UAA is on improving student learning and student achievement. Programs develop an Academic Assessment Plan, which is approved after review at the college and institutional levels. Faculty engage in assessment activities according to the plan, making recommendations for improving the program and student learning. Faculty report these results and recommendations in an Academic Assessment Report, in which they also reflect on how well past improvements are working. The deans review these reports, providing guidance and support to the programs in meeting their improvement goals, and highlighting accomplishments in the assessment and improvement of student learning.

The Faculty Senate Academic Assessment Committee plays a major role in supporting program faculty, encouraging programs to focus on assessment that is meaningful, manageable, and organically connected to their direct work with students.

Assessment Cycle: The assessment cycle is built around the seven-year Program Review cycle, with programs reporting on assessment activities on a biennial basis.

    • The two-year cycle is designed so that programs assess student learning one year, and the next year programs report, reflect, and implement improvements.
    • A program does not have to assess every program student learning outcome every year.
    • However, a program must assess all its program student learning outcomes within a seven-year period, that is, by the time the program is scheduled for its next, regular Program Review.

Navigation: Find your program under your academic college below. After opening the college, click the "Seven-Year Schedule" button to see your seven-year cycle. (Because the schedule is organized around program review, which often includes several programs, a single row might align with multiple assessment plans.)

Biennial/No Report: The years labeled "Biennial" are reflection/reporting years in which an Academic Assessment Report is due on November 15. The years labeled "No Report" are years in which faculty engage in direct and indirect assessment of student learning.

Finding Your Plan and Past Reports: Following the Seven-Year Schedule, you will see a list of approved Academic Assessment Plans and previous reports. These link directly to the documents.