Consider the Possibilities

Consider the Possibilities

Well-trained mathematicians are in demand in many sectors of society including business, finance, education, computing, and government. Our degree programs prepare students to take on graduate study in the Mathematical Sciences.

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The Department of Mathematics and Statistics seeks to provide students with a quality education in the fields of Mathematics and Statistics. The Department offers baccalaureate degrees (BA/BS) in Mathematics and a minor in Mathematics for students majoring in another area. In addition, the Department delivers excellent service courses in statistics for other programs; courses of advanced topics, and research advising for students across all disciplines. The Programs of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics are offered by the College of Arts & Sciences.


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Department Opportunities

These are just some of the opporunities available to students and anyone who is seeking teach Mathematics and Statistics.
Scholarships Becoming a Math Tutor Teaching in Math & Statistics

New Math Course

  • MATH A115 Art of Math
    Presents practical mathematics people use, beautiful mathematics people see and abstract mathematics people dream. Enables students to describe and analyze the world around them. 

    Special Note: Does not fulfill the prerequisite for any other mathematics course.
    Registration Restrictions: Placement into MATH A105 or higher and ENGL A111 or higher
    Attributes: UAA Quantitative Skills GER.

  • MATH A309 Intro. to Num. Theor.

    Examines fundamental concepts of number theory including primes, divisibility, congruences, quadratic reciprocity, number theoretic functions, continued fractions and Diophantine equations.
    Prerequisites: MATH A265 with a minimum grade of C.

  • MATH A431 Intro. to Diff. Geo.

    Develops the theory of curves and surfaces in Euclidean spaces. Presents major constructions and theorems including the Frenet-Serret apparatus, geodesics, Gauss's Theorema Egregium and the Gauss-Bonnet theorem. Introduces abstract manifolds.
    Prerequisites: MATH A265 with a minimum grade of C and MATH A314 with a minimum grade of C

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