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Position Papers

Position papers are due to the director of the Model United Nations program by email, Kimberly J. H. Pace, on February 1, 2022.
Resolutions are due to the directors of the committee and Kimberly J. H. Pace by February 8, 2022. 


Nation-State/Indigenous Peoples School Faculty Advisor
Awa People Service Sam Dunham
Brazil Service Sam Dunham
Canada Polaris Larry Frick
China Dimond Lem Wheeles
Costa Rica Steller Ken Varee
Cuba Eagle River Anna Fontecchio
Democratic People's
Republic of Korea (DPRK)
Steller Ken Varee
Egypt Highland Adam Robinson
Estonia Steller Ken Varee
Ethopia UAA Kimberly Pace
Finland UAA Kimberly Pace
France Polaris Larry Frick
Germany Service Sam Dunham
Haiti Highland Adam Robinson
Iceland Polaris Larry Frick
India West Valley Heather Damario
Iran South Stephanie Seward
Ireland Steller Ken Varee
Israel Polaris Larry Frick
Italy Highland Adam Robinson
Japan West Valley Heather Damario
Jordan Eagle River Anna Fontecchio
Nation-State/Indigenous Peoples School Faculty Advisor
Kazakhstan UAA Kimberly Pace
Kenya West Valley Heather Damario
Lakota People Service  Sam Dunham
Maasi People Dimond Lem Wheeles
Mexico Highland Adam Robinson
Naga People UAA Kimberly Pace
New Zealand South Stephanie Seward
Norway UAA Kimberly Pace
Nuer People Dimond Lem Wheeles
Pakistan UAF Matthew Wrobel
Russian Federation UAA Kimberly Pace
Saami People UAA Kimberly Pace
Suadi Arabia UAF Matthew Wrobel
South Africa UAA Kimberly Pace
South Sudan West Valley Heather Damario
Sweden Steeler Ken Varee
Taliban UAA Kimberly Pace
Tl'azt'en People Polaris

Larry Frick

United Kingdom and Northern
West Valley

Heather Damario

United States of America

Sam Dunham

Yukaghir People

Kimberly Pace

You can access all submitted position papers in the following Google Drive.