World Bank

MUN recognizes the vital role finances play on the international stage.  Accordingly, the World Bank was introduced as a way of aiding nation-states seeking funds for their Resolutions.  Typically, representatives of the World Bank are represented by college students and move from committee to committee wherever they are requested.


Important note for Delegates!

To apply for a loan from the World Bank, delegates must submit the following documents to a World Bank representative:

  • UN Resolution
  • A brief write-up detailing how their resolution meets the following criteria (250 words minimum):
    • Will the project help the country's economy?
    • Will it benefit the poorest people and increase economic opportunities for women?
    • What impact would it have on the environment, both now and in the future?
    • Can other funding sources be found?
    • Will the country be able to maintain the project once funding ends?