Past Topics

Security Council, United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, International Criminal Court, United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, World Health Organization, United Nations International Organization for Migration, United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, United Nations Industrial Development Organization
Security Council, UN High Commission on Refugees, International Criminal Court, International Atomic Energy Agency, UN Office of Drugs and Crime, UN Environmental Program, UN Office of Counter-Terrorism
2017: Global Security: Fight, Flight, and Human Rights
Security Council, UN High Commission on Refugees, International Criminal Court, World Health Organization, UN Office on Drugs and Crime, International Telecommunications Union, UN Office of Disaster Risk Reduction
2016: Youth: Live Long and Prosper

Security Council, UN Children's Fund, UN High Commission on Refugees, UN Children and Armed Conflict, UN Educational , Scientific, and Cultural Organization, Youth and United Nations Global Alliance

2015: Waste

Security Council, International Atomic Energy Agency, UN High Commission on Refugees, World Health Organization, UN Environmental Programme, UN Industrial Development Organization

2014: Ethics of Emerging Technology

Security Council, Food and Agriculture Organization, International Atomic and Energy Association, International Bio-Ethics Committee, Committee on Traditional Medicine, World Intellectual Property Organization

2013: Global Economic Justice

Security Council, Human Rights Council, UN Women, UN Energy, UN Water

2012: Revisiting the UN Millennium Development Goals 

2011: Human Rights

2010: Technology: Solutions for the Future 

2009: Climate Change & Sustainability 

2008: Slavery in the Modern Age 

2007: Emerging Pandemic Diseases

2006: Arms Proliferation

2005: Indigenous Peoples and Cultural Survival

2004: Water

2003: Children & Human Family in the World of the 21st Century

2002: Sustainable Development & Security in the 21st Century

2001: Globalization, the WTO, and the UN in the 21st Century

2000: Terrorism

1998: Child Labor, Abuse, & Slavery

1997: International Social, Economic and Political Problems Caused by Epidemic, Endemic, and Pandemic Diseases

1996: Fisheries, Oceans, and the Sea