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Established in 1980, the Model United Nations of Alaska is a simulation of of the United Nations. Each year a different topic is selected and the simulation focuses on a specific issue or set of issues unique to the topic. MUN allows students to gain a greater appreciation of the dynamics of the relations among states and the United Nations' role in the international system.

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Diplomacy of the World

2016 Model United Nations Secretariat

2016 Secretariat

Reisher, Ostrander, Doepken, Tatum
Taylor, Shercliffe, Cavitt, Amos, Erickson

All members of the Secretariat are UAA students who have participated in Model United Nations of Alaska multiple times. They start volunteering their time early in the fall semester to prepare for the annual conference in February. Their club solicits donations from the community and they take time to visit high school classrooms to encourage younger students to participate. 

The Secretariat also help keep track of the MUN inventory and update the rules and procedures for future conferences. They assist the director in preparing other college students for the conference. To say these students are always busy would be an understatement. 

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The UAA Model United Nations of Alaska program is preparing for it's 35th annual conference.

Ever since 1980, Alaska high school and university students have had the opportunity to participate in a simulation of the United Nations here in Alaska. Originally offered by Alaska Pacific University, the University of Alaska Anchorage has hosted the Model UN of Alaska since 1993.