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Educator Information

To: MUN Faculty

From: Kimberly J. Pace                                            
           Faculty Director

           Model United Nations of Alaska 

Re: Model United Nations of Alaska Spring 2022

Please plan to “bring” your students to the first Fall Model United Nations of Alaska, primarily sponsored by the University of Alaska, Anchorage and the UAA Political Science Department. This one-day VIRTUAL program will provide a tremendous opportunity for your students to learn about the United Nations and how it works.

Topic:  Governing the Commons
When: Friday, February 25th of 2022, 9 am - 3 pm AST and Saturday, February 26th of 2022, 9 am - 4 pm AST

How:   Will Be Held Via Zoom

"Governing the Commons," is the topic our students will be tackling during this conference.  This spring Model United Nations of Alaska will have six committees that will spend substantial time dealing with many of the facets of this topic.  Please see committee description below:

Spring Model United Nations 2022 Committees

For Details See the Website (continuously being updated)

  • The UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (or UNPFII
  • Model Arctic Council (MAC)
  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
  • United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP)
  • International Criminal Court (ICC)

Model United Nations Goal

The goal of Model United Nations 2022 is to move beyond generalities and focus on specific ideas and goals relating to the topic of  “Governing the Commons” within the realm of the six committees.  To encourage thoughtful preparation and serious participation in this simulation, awards will be given to those delegates that demonstrate the best overall role-playing in representing their position in the Model UN.  Awards will be presented during the closing ceremony. 

Model United Nations Delegate

  • Every delegate represents a member nation-state of the Model United Nations of Alaska, or an Indigenous People state with Observer Status.

  • NGOs will be represented.

  • It is up to each Faculty Advisor to determine which committees will be represented by each delegation, i.e. if your delegation only has 3 members; it is up to the Faculty Advisor to determine which committees to represent.   

  • *If assigned to the MAC, delegates may be assigned to a nation-state or a Permanent Representative (Indigenous Peoples).  It is a smaller committee, with only 16 spots in total.

  • *If assigned to the UNPFII, at least two students must be represented from the same school.  For Example – Australia & Aborigine would come from the same school.  Smaller committee as well, only 10 - 16 spots in total.

  • States that hold a SECURITY COUNCIL seat MUST fill the SECURITY COUNCIL SEAT.

  • Every delegate within a team or representing a nation-state, indigenous peoples or an NGO, has the responsibility for representing “their” position in the committees and in the General Assembly and must participate in the preparation of the particular topic focus addressed in their sessions.  

  • Faculty Advisors with foreign exchange students may request to represent the exchange student’s home nation-state on the registration form.

Model United Nations Secretariat

MUN has a UAA student Secretariat consisting of a Secretary General, an Under-Secretary General, a President of the General Assembly and Directors for all 5 of our committees.  Each of these bodies needs a delegation member to serve as rapporteur (recorder/reporter). If you have any MUN experienced and reliable students that you would like to nominate for this role, please send us this information on or before January 31st, or include the information in your registration form.

Model United Nations Preparation

To ensure serious preparation and participation in the Model UN of Alaska, INDIVIDUAL DELEGATES are required to submit:

  • A single position paper presenting their nation-state’s position or indigenous peoples position on their assigned role . Due date is January 21st, 2022.  ALL POSITION PAPERS MUST BE SUBMITTED DIRECTLY TO THE LINK ON THE MUN HOME PAGE.  

  • Visit the MUN of Alaska website for useful preparatory materials and research resources,

Model United Nations Registration and Payment deadlines 


We encourage HIGHLY early registration to allow ample time for preparation.

Nation-states/Indgenous Peoples are assigned by the Faculty Director to ensure proper representation in each of the bodies being simulated.

Please respect all deadlines as it provides for smoother conference preparation.

Starting January 7th please visit the Model United Nations web site for helpful information, forms, and Secretariat contact information. Look for us on Facebook. We hope to see you and your students at the 40th Anniversary of the Model United Nations of Alaska.

We look forward to “seeing” you and your students at this year’s conference!


Kimberly J. H. Pace

Faculty Director, Model United Nations of Alaska

Tuan Granzino

Secretary General