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UNSC: A Resolution Calling for Peacekeepers to be Sent to the Mexican – American Border

UNSC 2019
Sponsor: United States of America
Signatories: China, Poland, Dominican Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Côte D'Ivoire, Indonesia, United Kingdom

A Resolution Calling for Peacekeepers to be Sent to the Mexican – American Border

The United Nations Security Council,

Alarmed by the conflict affecting the Central American countries that is forcing the millions of people to seek asylum in the United States,

Recognizing the appeal the United States has on the rest of the world, specifically immigrants and displaced people,

Deeply concerned by the lack of security along the Mexican – American border and the little effect sending extra agents to the border has provided,

Expecting more caravans and the continuation of an influx of immigrants from Latin American countries seeking passage into the United States, bringing with them cartels, human trafficking, and gang violence,

Noting with regret the back clog the United States’ Immigration and Customs Enforcement is currently facing and the inability of the US to accept and support millions of immigrants, 

Recognizing that internment camps and dividing up caravans is not a permanent solution,

Further deploring the United States’ Congress’ reluctance to increase security along the United States’ southern border with a permanent fixture,

  1. Calls upon the United Nations Security Council to endorse the deployment of 2,000 peacekeepers to the Mexican – American border on the southwest side;
  2. Requests that individual peacekeepers only be sent if they do not have backgrounds that would lead them to not fully carry out their mission;
  3. Declares the mission of UN peacekeepers to be to secure the safety of citizens, relieve the pressure faced by the United States border agents, ensure safe living standards of refugees seeking admittance into the US, and aid US ICE agents in helping refugees seek asylum and gain citizenship;
  4. Designates the peacekeepers be stationed for a minimum of 8 months, or until the crisis has ended.
  5. Confirms the United States will assist other countries such as the United Kingdom and Brexit in their issues revolving around immigration.