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To:           Any and All High School Teachers Interested in Enhancing Global Education

From:       Kimberly J. Pace                                           
                 Faculty Director

                 Model United Nations of Alaska

Re:           Model United Nations of Alaska

Please plan to bring your high school students to the annual Model United Nations of Alaska, primarily sponsored by the University of Alaska, Anchorage and the UAA Political Science Department. The three-day program will provide a tremendous opportunity for your students to learn about the United Nations and how it works.

Topic: Global Justice

When: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, February 27, 28 & 29 of 2020.

Global Justice, is the topic our students will to be tackling during this conference.  This year Model United Nations of Alaska will have many committees that will spend substantial time dealing with many of the facets of this topic.  

Model United Nations Goal

The goal of Model United Nations 2018 is to move beyond generalities and focus on specific ideas and goals relating to the topic of  “Global Cooperation (or lack thereof)” within the realm of the seven committees.  To encourage thoughtful preparation and serious participation in this simulation, awards will be given to those delegations (teams) that demonstrate the best overall role-playing in representing their nation-state in the Model UN.  Awards will be presented during the closing ceremony Saturday, February 24, 2018. 

Model United Nations Delegations

  • Every delegation represents a member nation-state of the Model United Nations of Alaska or a state with Observer Status. 
  • NGOs will also be represented as will the World Bank.
  • It is up to each Faculty Advisor to determine which committees will be represented by each delegation, i.e. if your delegation only has 3 members; it is up to the Faculty Advisor to determine which committees to represent.   
  • If assigned a Security Council seat, teams may have up to six members and the Security Council seat must be filled.
  • If assigned a case before the ICC, at least two students must represent one country acting as either the Defense or Prosecution – Example:  Russia v. the United States of America – 2 students will act as attorneys for Russia and 2 students will act as attorneys for the United States of America.
  • Every delegation may be represented in the General Assembly. States that hold a SECURITY COUNCIL seat MUST fill the SECURITY COUNCIL SEAT.
  • Every delegate within a team or representing a nation-state or an NGO has the responsibility for representing “their” nation-state, NGO or World Bank in the committees and in the General Assembly and must participate in the preparation of the particular topic focus addressed in their sessions. 
  • Faculty Advisors with foreign exchange students may request to represent the exchange student’s home nation-state on the registration form.

Model United Nations Secretariat

MUN has a UAA student Secretariat consisting of a Secretary General, an Under Secretary General, and Directors for the NGOS, World Bank, and all 7 committees.  Each of these bodies needs a delegation member to serve as rapporteur (recorder/reporter). If you have any MUN experienced and reliable students that you would like to nominate for this role, please send us this information on or before January 15, 2018 or include the information in your registration form. 

Model United Nations Preparation

To ensure serious preparation and participation in the Model UN of Alaska, teams are required to submit to the Secretariat 

  • One position paper per delegation. Due date is February 1, 2020.
  • One draft resolution representing their nation-state’s key focus of interest in each of the committee bodies (and the SECURITY COUNCIL) in which they are represented. When the agendas for each of the bodies are being prepared, these draft resolutions will be incorporated. Due date for resolutions is February 7, 2020. Delegations that do not submit their resolutions in advance will not be able to get them onto the agendas.
  • Many resolutions are presented and voted on during the closing General

Model United Nations Registration and Payment deadlines

Model UN is funded by the students’ registration fees ($45 per delegate), the generous donations of the UAA community, donations from the Consulates in Anchorage, and from Anchorage’s business community.  Registration fees cover administrative costs, rental fees, and food and refreshments. Payment does not need to accompany registration, but must be received before the deadline in order to secure your nation-state assignments. 

The registration form can be found on the Model UN web site. Nation-state assignments are made after the registration form is received. Email registrations will NOT be accepted.

The registration fees and deadlines are as follows:

$45.00 - Registration Fee
Payment and registration deadline is Monday, January 22, 2020.

No Refunds Will Be Given.

We encourage early registration to allow ample time for preparation.

You are expected to pay for the number of registered delegations so please just register for those you need. You can always request more before the payment deadline.

Nation-states are assigned by the Faculty Director to ensure proper representation in each of the bodies being simulated.

Please respect all deadlines as it provides for smoother conference preparation. 

Look for us on Facebook. We hope to see you and your students at the 36th annual Model United Nations of Alaska.

I look forward to seeing you at this year’s conference!

Kimberly J. H. Pace

Faculty Director, Model United Nations of Alaska