Anchorage, the Hub of Alaska



Anchorage, Alaska

The business, industrial, cultural, and recreational center of Alaska.





  • City lights of Anchorage at night time
    The city lights of downtown Anchorage
  • Rugby in the park
    Rugy and other community sports
  • Bikes lined up
    The UAA Bike Share Program
  • Bike Paths
    A network of trails connects the city
  • Lakeside Picnic
    City parks and lakes
  • Anchorage Museum
    Downtown arts and entertainment
  • Biking Coastal Trail
    Coastal Trail
  • Lake Hood
    Many beautiful city parks

Big and Wild City Living

With a population of 300,000, you might think that Anchorage is like any other mid-sized city. In some ways, that’s true. 

Anchorage is bustling with restaurants, bars, breweries, galleries, concerts, and opportunities for artistic and cultural exploration. With distinct neighborhoods, a transit system that reaches most corners of the city, and over 250 miles of paved trails, Anchorage is increasingly walkable. You can find most any activity that people do for fun. Anchorage has everything from adult leagues for soccer, softball, mountain biking, and many other sports to social organizations for foodies, hikers, gamers, artists, and (of course) engineers.

But Anchorage is so much more than an ordinary mid-sized city. Where else is downtown just a 20 minute drive from dozens of major hikes? Where else is there 1 moose for every 200 people?  Where else is it possible to ski in the morning, attend class in the afternoon, catch a concert in the evening, and hunt the aurora borealis at night—all without leaving city limits? 

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  • Kacey in the field
    Civil Engineering student Kacy Grundhauser at her water engineering internship 
  • Mark Cosby at roadway construction site
    Civil Engineering student Mark Cosby at his intership with the Alaska Department of Transportation
  • Group of students in reflective vests and hard hats in front of a bridge and mountains
    Conam interns conducting a site visit
  • Pacific Spaceport Complex
    Pacific Spaceport Complex, Kodiak, AK


Engineering & Industry Hub of Alaska

Anchorage has several strong industries that serve as the bedrock for a humming economy. In fact, 75 percent of Alaska’s engineering jobs are located right here, which might explain why graduates from our programs at the UAA College of Engineering have no problem finding gainful employment. Over 70 percent of our students leave UAA with a job in their field, often with companies that initially hired them on as interns in their junior and senior years.

Data Bubble, "Anchorage is home to over 75% of Alaska's engineering jobs."Anchorage is also home to numerous professional engineering societies, many of which have student chapters right at UAA . These societies provide an opportunity for students to receive mentoring from industry professionals and to begin professional networking. UAA Engineering alumni are actively involved in each of these societies, providing even further support as students continually grow within their new profession.