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Alaska needs more health care professionals, and we are here to help champion that cause! We are so proud of the 50+ academic programs we offer at the College of Health and are thrilled to have the opportunity to engage with community members, youth, and prospective students as they consider their possible futures in community, behavioral, public, and clinical health fields. 

We have developed a menu of outreach and recruitment offerings that encompass a wide range of activitis, from lectures to program presentations, tabling events to demonstrations and activities, not to mention the fascinating labs and buildings we can provide tours of! 

Please use the menu to filter and search opportunities. If you have any questions, or don't see a particular opportunity listed, please feel free to reach out to the COH Communications and Recruitment team at uaa_coh_comm@alaska.edu.



We are thrilled to offer guest lectures by our College of Health faculty to community organizations and school groups. These interesting lectures are inspired by real content our faculty present to students, but have been adapted to be age-appropriate information and presentation styles. Expect fascinating topics and interaction! These lectures are truly content-focussed rather than being a recruitment pitch. 

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program presentations

Program Presentations

These informational presentations are specifically designed to provide inforamtion about the academic programs offered within the UAA College of Health. The presentations are provided by faculty and staff with intimate knowledge of the programs and career fields, as well as academic requirements, etc. 

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