Curriculum Handbook

Credit/Contact Hour Examples

Occupational Endorsement Certificate (OEC) Catalog Template

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Catalog Template

Baccalaureate Catalog Template

Catalog Degree/Certificate Sample Plan Worksheet

General Education Curriculum Review

General Education Course Enrollments

Course Content Guides Prior to CIM (For reference for courses that have not been updated since the CIM system was put into place. See Course Management System below to update these courses.)

Search All UAA Courses (Shows details for all active/inactive courses with links to CIM. Use this site to find course numbers in use or which have been used. Numbers cannot be reused.)

Trial (Experimental) Course Proposal Form (-94 Courses)

Prefix Addition/Change/Inactivation Form (Under development)

Curriculum Actions

Program Management System (Enter to view, initiate, revise, or inactivate a program. Requires UAA Login.)

Course Management System (Enter to view, initiate, revise, or inactivate a course. Requires UAA Login.)

Curriculum Management System (Enter to approve curriculum. Select your name/role from the drop-down menu.)

New Program Process

New Program Proposal Protocol (Officially posted on the Academic Processes site)

Continuing Studies/Noncredit Policy and Guidance

Continuing Studies Website (Under development)

Continuing Studies/Noncredit Process

Continuing Studies/Noncredit Curriculum Form

Continuing Studies Portal (Archived approved curriculum forms. Requires Login and access.)


Contact Academic Affairs ( for technical assistance with curriculum processes.