Occupational safety and health A.A.S.

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    Occupational safety and health A.A.S.

    Earn your associate degree in a flexible, hands-on program that prepares you for the unique workplace safety hazards of Alaska and the polar region.

Explore the occupational safety and health associate degree program at the University of Alaska Anchorage

With on-the-job training and close mentorship by top safety specialists, UAA’s occupational safety and health program prepares you for a professional career in a variety of industries, including construction, petroleum, mining and tourism. The associate degree can be completed in two years and all credits can be transferred toward the Bachelor of Science in occupational safety and health. Courses are available online and at UAA’s Anchorage campus.

What you’ll learn
This program teaches you to recognize, evaluate and control workplace hazards that may cause injury, illness or disease. Focus areas for the degree include injury prevention and risk management, occupational safety and health training needs and methods, fundamentals of industrial hygiene, safety management systems, and principles of ergonomics.

Occupational safety and health scholarships and financial aid
Get help with tuition and education expenses. We offer a number of scholarships and other financial assistance that you can apply for as an occupational safety and health major. Learn more about financial aid opportunities.

Occupational safety and health A.A.S.

Degree Type:

  • Associate

Program Length: Two years

Availability:Anchorage campus

Other program options: B.S. in occupational safety and health

What can you do with an associate degree in occupational safety and health?

UAA’s program provides specific preparation for work in Alaska and polar regions in industries such as oil and gas, mining, construction, maritime and transportation. Graduates of the program are ready for in-demand careers throughout the United States and around the world.

Occupational safety and health careers

  • Occupational safety and health specialist
  • Safety engineer
  • Environmental health and safety specialist
  • Safety coordinator
  • Safety manager
  • Fire protection engineer

Occupational safety and health associate degree program highlights

Led by top safety professionals, the associate degree program opens the door to well-paying jobs in a fast-growing industry.

  • Earn your degree on your schedule. Designed for working students, occupational safety and health courses are available online and during convenient evening times on campus.
  • Get real-world job experience. Technical internships give you the chance to gain hands-on experience and start building your professional network.
  • Learn from top industry experts. At UAA, you’ll get to work closely with faculty who are industry certified and have many years of experience in the occupational safety and health profession.
  • Take part in student clubs and activities. These include UAA’s Student Section of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP).

Occupational safety and health associate degree program curriculum

Coursework in the associate degree program covers hazardous materials, safety training methods, ergonomics, industrial hygiene, injury prevention, epidemiology, OSHA standards, safety program management and record keeping.

Top classes for occupational safety and health majors

  • Hazardous Materials Operations
  • Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene
  • Technical Internship