Admission to the Occupational Endorsement Certificate Clinical Assistant program is currently suspended.  Contact the department for further information.  

Clinical assistants perform basic laboratory testing in medical laboratories, working under the supervision of a medical laboratory scientist, medical laboratory technician, or pathologist. A clinical assistant collects and processes blood specimens and performs waived testing procedures in chemistry, hematology, microbiology, and urinalysis.

The UAA Clinical Assisting Program is currently distance-delivered using Blackboard, UAA's online course management system. The Occupational Endorsement for Clinical Assisting builds upon the OEC in Phlebotomy, adding three additional courses totaling 19 academic credits. Completion of the program requires successful completion of the Phlebotomist Occupational Endorsement Certificate, or equivalent, and a grade of "C" or better in the following courses:

  1. MEDT A105   Microbiology for Clinical Assistants (3 Credits)
  2. MEDT A106   Waived Testing (4 Credits)
  3. MEDT A195B  Clinical Assistant Practicum (3 Credits)

Program Outcomes

The specific educational outcomes for the program are to produce graduates who have met the educational outcomes for the occupational endorsement phlebotomist and who: 

  • Perform waived testing according to standard operating procedures.
  • Monitor quality control within predetermined limits.
  • Select both appropriate media for inoculation of clinical specimens and incubations conditions based on the culture requirements for the potential pathogens.

The Clinical Assistant Occupational Endorsement Certificate is only offered by distance delivery. Students must contact the Medical Laboratory Science Department to arrange for a mentor and clinical training facility prior to enrolling in any of the courses.

The Medical Laboratory Science Department assumes no responsibility for illness or injuries experienced by students in conjunction with student labs. It is strongly recommended that students maintain personal medical insurance while enrolled in any of the programs offered by the Medical Laboratory Science Department. Students enrolled in practicum (MEDT A195A, MEDT A195B, MEDT A395 or MEDT A495) must provide their own transportation to the clinical facility. Personal protective equipment is provided by the training facility. The clinical facilities require proof of medical insurance coverage; therefore, students are required to maintain personal medical insurance while enrolled in practicum courses. Medical insurance is available through the Student Health Center. Liability insurance is purchased by the Medical Laboratory Science Department to cover the student's practicum. The Occupational Endorsement Certificates, AAS and BS degrees are not contingent upon the students passing any type of external certification or licensure examination.

Career Pathways

Phlebotomist Occupational Endorsement Certificate

Clinical Assistant Occupational Endorsement Certificate

Medical Laboratory Technician A.A.S. Degree

Medical Laboratory Scientist B.S. Degree

Mission Statement

The mission of the Medical Laboratory Science department is to graduate competent and ethical clinical laboratory professionals with the knowledge and the skills for career entry. It is also the department's mission to prepare graduates for leadership roles in the clinical laboratory and professional organizations and to instill an understanding of the need for maintaining continuing competency in a rapidly changing and dynamic profession.