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Permit revenues provide funding for all maintenance/repairs and snow clearing of your parking lots, garages, sidewalks and trails on campus? It also helps support PeopleMover and Valley Transit ride pass programs, fund the annual garage bond payment, and the (returning) Seawolf Shuttle program!


Annual and semester parking permits for 2022-2023 discounted!

UAA is committed to keeping education and events on campus accessible and affordable. As part of these efforts, annual and semester permits for 2022-2023 have been discounted by 25%. Please see the Campus Long Term parking options link below for the new rates. This discount only applies to regular annual and semester permit pricing. Priority permits and permits already discounted for other programs are not included in this additional discount. If you already purchased an annual or semester pass, you will be refunded the difference between what you paid and the new rate - no action is needed on your part, this will take place automatically based on payment method (UA Payroll will adjust payroll deductions). We hope to see you on campus soon!

Don't Forget!

Standard UAA Permits are required during ALL UAA Athletic Games.  

Please take note of all active game days on the UAA Athletics website. 

All posted and restricted areas (Fire Lanes, ADA spaces, Loading Zones, Priority, etc.) are enforced year-round


The Parking Services team is here to answer your questions and provide solutions!  Please call us at 907-786-1119 or email

visitor short-term hourly or daily parking
campus long-term semester and annual permits
Parking for athletic events, concerts and special requests
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Student Employment

Student employee Call Team Officer unlocking a car door using a window shim.
  • On-campus work
  • Flexible hours that accommodate your scheduling needs
  • Stay active and get your steps in
  • Listen to your own music/podcasts while on the job

Student Employment: Call Team Officers

Parking Regulations

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  • Registration
  • Traffic Rules
  • Enforcement Guidelines
  • Accidents

UAA Parking Rules & Regulations


Contact Parking Services

Office Hours

M.T.R.F | 9 am to 5 pm
W | 11 am to 5 pm


Front Desk: (907) 786-1119
Call Team Dispatch: (907) 786-1103
University Police: (907) 786-1120


Front Desk:


Physical Address

Eugene Short Hall 102
2601 Providence Drive
Anchorage, AK 99508

Mailing Address

UAA Parking Services
3211 Providence Drive
Anchorage, AK 99508