Parking Rules & Regulations

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The following rules govern the operation, use, and movement of vehicles on the campus of the University of Alaska Anchorage. Also, in accordance with the provisions in the statutes of the State of Alaska, all motor vehicles operated on the University of Alaska Anchorage campus are subject to the State Motor Vehicle Laws of Alaska.

NOTE: These rules are not intended to be all-inclusive. All vehicles shall be equipped and driven in conformance with the State of Alaska traffic regulations and other applicable laws. Most roads, streets, and walks on campus are public, therefore State laws and regulations are applicable. It is your duty and responsibility to know the law relating to motor vehicles.

Purpose & Authority

Alaska Statute 14.40.170 and the University of Alaska Policy 02.09.03 authorize the President of the University of Alaska or his designee to promulgate and enforce rules governing parking and traffic on the University premises. The President has delegated the authority to promulgate such rules and regulations to the Chancellors of the University’s major campuses. Therefore, the Chancellor of the University of Alaska Anchorage, through Parking Services, establishes and enforces the following rules and regulations.

These rules are promulgated in the interest of safe and courteous vehicle operation and in an effort to create the best possible situation for those people who desire to operate a vehicle on the University of Alaska Anchorage.

The operation of a motor vehicle or bicycle on University property is a privilege granted by the University and is not an inherent right of any faculty/staff members, student, or visitor and can be denied or revoked for cause at any time. The University recognizes that an automobile is often necessary for convenient transportation to and from campus and attempts to provide parking spaces for students, faculty, staff, and visitors, to the extent physical facilities permit.

NOTE: The responsibility for finding an authorized parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator. Inability to locate an authorized space in a parking lot or area is not justification for improper parking.

To derive the greatest benefit from the streets and parking facilities which are available, to facilitate the work of the University, to protect pedestrian traffic and to assure access at all times for emergency apparatus, these rules will be strictly enforced by Parking Services. The Chancellor, along with Parking Services, cooperates in this enforcement. Your thorough understanding is necessary because violations will result in needless expense and inconvenience to you. In meeting the problems of traffic and parking, your willing cooperation is earnestly sought. The Director of Parking Services welcomes the opportunity to be of assistance to you at any time.

Section I: Registration

  1. CONTROL ESTABLISHED: No motor vehicle shall be operated, parked or otherwise used on the campus except in conformance with these Parking and Traffic Rules.

  2. VEHICLE REGISTRATION: All motor vehicles used on University property must be properly registered with UAA Parking Services and have the appropriate active temporary or permanent permit displayed or registered with the  Pay By Phone Passport Parking App. 

    Vehicle registration may be completed and permits obtained throughout the academic year at the Parking Office or online at PLEASE BE AWARE THAT REGISTRATION OF A MOTOR VEHICLE OR PURCHASE OF A PERMIT DOES NOT GUARANTEE A PARKING SPACE ON CAMPUS.

  3. PERMITS: Permits are required in all parking lots on campus for those who utilize the lots. Permits must be clearly visible from the outside while parked on campus. Permits shall be attached, using the adhesive provided on the permit, to the lower left hand corner (driver side) of the front windshield. Hangtag Permits must be hung from the rear-view mirror or displayed on the driver’s side of the dashboard. Pay n Park Permits must be clearly displayed on the Vehicle dashboard. Pay By Phone or Pay By Plate permits must have the correct license plate listed with the provider or machine used.
    1. Permit Types:
      • Full Day Permit: This permit gives access to all surface lots and garages on campus for the entire day.
      • Daily Permit: This permit can be purchased for a single day. The daily permits require the driver of the vehicle to indicate the month, day, and year of use and display the permit from the rear-view mirror. Daily permits can be purchased in a block for use at later dates. These permits are valid in all lots.
      • Pay N Park Permit: Permits sold at one of the provided kiosks located around the main campus. These are for use on an hourly or daily basis at any campus general use parking lot. 
      • Passport Permit: Passport Permits are an option on campus. The license plate must be listed correctly with the Passport Parking website/app, and the purchased parking session must be valid at the time the vehicle is parked on campus. Passport Permits are valid in all surface lots and garages.  
      • Priority Parking: This permit gives access to all surface lots, garages, and Priority Posted spaces on campus for the entire day. 
    2. Permit Terms: Permits are sold on an annual or semester basis.
    3. Replacement Permits: Replacement permits can be purchased for a fee if that portion of the permit bearing the permit number is presented to the Parking Office. Any vehicle that requires a change in permit must complete the new vehicle registration process prior to parking the vehicle on campus. Until the current permit is properly displayed the registration process is not valid or complete.
    4. Change in Status: Any change in status such as a new address, change in license, etc. must be reported to the Parking Office or updated at within seven days.
    5. Transfer of Permits: Registration permits are not transferable. If a vehicle’s ownership is transferred, the permit shall be removed. The original registrant will be responsible for any violation charged against that permit. A registrant, who, during the semester, disposes of a campus-registered vehicle bearing a valid parking permit and who acquires another vehicle for use on campus, must secure another parking/registration permit for a nominal fee providing the registrant brings that portion bearing the number on the previous permit to the Parking Office for replacement.
    6. Lost or Stolen Permits: Lost or stolen permits may be replaced for a fee of $10. If a lost or stolen permit is displayed on campus, it may result in fines up to $250.

Section II: Parking and Traffic Rules

All motor vehicles operated on the University of Alaska Anchorage campus are subject to the State Motor Vehicle Laws of Alaska.

NOTE: Unless otherwise posted MAXIMUM campus speed is 20 MPH. This is a maximum speed limit under any conditions; driving speed must be suited to the existing driving and pedestrian conditions.

Where a slower limit than 20 MPH has been posted its need has been justified, and the burden is on the driver both to observe the posted limit and to use extreme caution. During changes of classes, and in areas of pedestrian traffic, vehicles must be driven more slowly. Motorists must be constantly alert to the sudden unpredictable presence of small children. Pedestrians on campus have the right-of-way at all crosswalks.

WARNING:  In addition to enforcement under Section III herein, violation of Section II, Subsections Al through A7 may result in referral to the appropriate Vice Chancellor or supervisor for disciplinary action, and/or in criminal prosecution.

Loss or Restriction of Parking Privileges

Loss or restriction of all future parking privileges may result from the following:

  • Falsification of vehicle registration.
  • The sale, gifting or exchange of a vehicle permit to another person, regardless of eligibility for parking privileges under these rules.
  • Theft, counterfeiting, altering, tampering with, or misusing a University parking permit.
  • Deliberately impeding a traffic director in his duty.
  • Moving, turning, marking, defacing, or otherwise interfering with a traffic sign or marker
  • Other improper conduct in relation to driving or parking on campus, or relating to acquiring or maintaining parking privileges.

WARNING: Vehicles involved in any parking violation set out in this section may be commercially impounded or immobilized at the owner’s/driver’s expense. Parking Services is not obligated to locate an offender to request removal of a vehicle.

Parking Violations

Vehicle parking violations are classified as follows:

  1. Permit Violations
    • No Permit: Parking any vehicle on campus without a valid permit displayed, or displaying an expired permit, or displaying a permit in a vehicle to which it is not assigned. Parking on campus without a valid parking session purchased through the Passport Parking App, or having the correct license plate registered with the Passport Parking App. Parking on campus without having purchased a parking session through the Pay N Park Machine or having the correct license plate listed. 
    • Improper Permit Display: Displaying a permit in any other manner than affixing it by its own adhesive to the driver’s side of the front windshield so that the entire permit is clearly visible, and not obscured by discoloration, tint, or anything other than clear glass. As well the use of tape, glue, or any other adhesive will result in a citation. 
  2. Fire Lane/Wall Hydrant Connection
    • Fire Lane: Parking any vehicle in a designated fire lane. $200
    • Fire/Wall Hydrant Connections: Parking any vehicle within 15 feet of a fire/wall hydrant. $200
  3. Fraudulent Permit/Pay N Park
    • Fraudulent Permit: A permit that has been altered in ANY manner. Displaying a permit that has been reported lost/stolen, displaying a photocopied, scanned, reprinted, photo shopped, or altered in anyway permit or pay n park receipt. Obtaining or using a permit or pay n park receipt through fraudulent means. $250
  4. Not a Valid Space
    • Obstructing or Hindering Traffic: Parking any vehicle in a manner which blocks a driveway, access way, roadway, or which in any manner obstructs or hinders the normal flow of traffic. $35
    • Obstructing Building Exit or Stairway: Parking where vehicle blocks the stairway or exit of a building. $35
    • Parking Outside Specified Areas: Parking any vehicle outside the specified boundaries of the designated parking lots. This includes, but is not limited to, parking on any lawn, dirt, snowbank, or grass seeded area, sidewalks, beyond any barricaded area, past any specified or normally designated parking lot, or outside a designated parking space. $35
    • Parking Special Vehicles Without Authorization: Parking any house trailer, sports trailer, utility trailer, boat, or similar vehicle on campus without prior authorization from Parking Services. $35
    • Double Parking: Parking any vehicle double (one behind or beside another, not in a regular designated parking space). $35
    • More Than One Space: Parking in a manner that takes up space beyond that which is designated by the appropriate lines.
  5. ADA Spaces:
    • ADA Spaces: Parking any vehicle in an ADA designated space without a properly displayed ADA license plate or current ADA permit issued by the State of Alaska DIVISION OF MOTOR VEHICLES (DMV). ADA spaces include proximate areas designated for ADA access.
      1. First ADA Space Violation. $250
      2. Second ADA Space Violation. $350
      3. Third ADA Space Violation. $500
  6. Restricted or Posted Area:
    • Restricted or Posted Area: Parking any vehicle in a manner contrary to a posted restriction. (Fleet, Priority, Compact Car, etc.) $35
    • Parking in Loading or Unloading Zones: Parking any vehicle in a loading or unloading zone in excess of posted time. $35
  7. Immobilization:
    • Immobilization: A vehicle that has accrued $300 or more in violations, has 3 or more violations in late fee, is obstructing/hindering traffic, or in which registered owner information is needed.

Service of Citations

Legal service of a parking citation is to the vehicle. Parking Services uses State of Alaska - Department of Motor Vehicles information to determine Registered Ownership of a Vehicle. Parking Services is not responsible if the driver of the vehicle does not personally receive the citation.

Section III: Enforcement

Enforcing Department

The University of Alaska Anchorage Parking Services through the Board of Regents and administrative officers is authorized by State law (AS 14.40) to establish these rules and to enforce penalties for infractions of such rules as well as state and local laws. This responsibility also involves supervising the installation of appropriate parking and traffic signs and markings, maintaining a vehicle registration record system, the issuance of parking permits, the patrolling of the University campus, and the recording of violations, warnings, and violation hearings.

NOTE: The University of Alaska Anchorage reserves the right to impound or immobilize any illegally parked vehicle at either owner’s or driver’s expense. The University assumes no responsibility in the event of damage resulting from the impoundment, immobilization, or storage of any illegally parked vehicle.

Collection of Fines and Penalties

Adequate administrative procedures shall be enforced to collect fines and/or penalties. These shall include the following: Outstanding Citations transferred to Student account, Holds placed against student records, towing, credit agencies, and other means deemed appropriate by the University of Alaska. Violators shall be subject to towing, impounding and immobilization charges. No official registration permit shall be issued to vehicles or persons having delinquent citations.

NOTE: The enforcement of these rules and subsequent collection of fines and/or penalties for violations as set forth herein shall be equally applied without regard to the status of the offender whether faculty, staff, student, other campus related individual, or visitor to the University. Different avenues of enforcement and collection may be pursued, depending on the offenders’ status and the convenience to the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Payment of Fine

If the payment of a fine is not made to the University of Alaska Anchorage Parking Office within twenty-one (21) days from the date of issuance or the date of an appeal decision, a late fee of $25 shall be applied to the fine.

Notices of unresolved citations and unpaid fines will be treated as any other liability to the institution and shall remain outstanding until cleared. Until that clearance is given, registration, grades, and transcripts may be withheld and/or fines will be deducted from final paychecks or refunds due, and/or the debt will be reported to a local credit reporting agency along with the possibility of the offending vehicle being impounded and commercially towed off campus.

Revocation of Campus Parking Privileges

  1. Campus parking privileges may be revoked immediately without further notification upon accumulation of 3 or more unresolved parking citations.
  2. Campus parking privileges can be revoked for any violation of these rules and regulations upon notification at the discretion of Parking Services.
  3. Enforcement of revocation of parking privileges shall be carried out by the impoundment and/or removal of the offending vehicle from the University of Alaska Anchorage campus property at the owner/drivers expense.
  4. Notification as provided above shall be considered properly and effectively delivered when either:
    • mailed postage prepaid to the address shown in the records of Parking Services for the person who obtained the parking permit;
    • mailed postage prepaid to the address of the registered owner of the vehicle as shown in the official state records;
    • placed upon the offending vehicle; or
    • actually received by the driver of the vehicle.

Section IV: Appeals

Right to Contest

Each recipient has the right to contest a University citation to within twenty-one (21) days of the date of issuance. After a first appeal decision has been rendered further adjudication may be sought by making a second appeal using the following steps.

  1. Pay the amount due on the citation within 21 days of the first appeal decision.
  2. Fill out and turn in a second appeal form at UAA Parking Services, (Forms available from parking office) within 21 days of payment.
  3. Wait to be contacted by parking services using the information you provided on the form.
  4. If you marked that you wish to present your case in person then you will be scheduled to do so.
  5. The board will convene at least once a semester and review second appeals
  6. The Appeals Board will render a decision.
  7. If the decision was rendered in your favor you will receive a refund for the amount they determine.

Oversight of Violation 

The fact that previous violations were not cited or appear to have been overlooked, does not excuse a violation. The limited number of enforcement personnel makes it necessary for each operator to cooperate voluntarily and fully to make the University campus a safe and efficient place to drive and work.

Extenuating Circumstances as an Excuse

Only truly extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the driver can be considered as an excuse. Most common excuses which the board hears and cannot honor are: “I had to hurry for an appointment, class, exam, etc.”; “The car next to mine did not get a ticket”; “I did not see the sign”; “There was no place else to park”.

Another Operator of the Vehicle

A parking violation will not be excused on the grounds that another person was operating the vehicle at the time the citation was issued.

Payment of Fine

In order for a second appeal to be heard, the fine must be paid within twenty-one (21) days of the citation being issued. If the Appeals Board rules in your favor, the fine will be refunded.

Parking Appeal Board

The Parking Appeal Board is charged with reviewing written appeals of citations and determining the validity of the violation in accordance with the Parking Rules and Regulations. The Parking Appeal Board is composed of representatives of the University community selected from students, staff, and faculty.

Written Notice of Appeals Board Decision

The offender will be notified in writing by the University Parking Appeal Board of its decision. The decision of the Appeals Board is final.

Section V: Parking Areas on Campus

All areas on campus require that a University permit be appropriately displayed, or license plate to be registered with the Passport Parking App or Pay N Park machine in accordance with the requirements of these rules.

  1. Parking Classifications: UAA uses parking permits to indicate the time and/or area in which the permit is valid. Permit requirements will be strictly enforced.
  2. Permit Parking Only: All parking lots or areas are restricted for the use of vehicles which are properly registered with the University of Alaska Anchorage Parking Services, and which have a valid University of Alaska Anchorage campus parking permit properly displayed. Have purchased a parking session through the Passport Parking App provider or Pay N Park machine.
  3. Visitor Parking Areas: The campus has installed visitor Pay N Park machines and we request visitors utilize these machines before parking in a general use space. Visitors should purchase a Pay N Park permit and display it. Purchased a parking session with the Passport Parking App and have the correct license plate listed, or used the Pay By Plate function at the Pay N Park machine with the proper license plate listed. 
  4. ADA Parking Spaces: Only vehicles displaying a valid ADA permit or plate along with a valid UAA permit or valid parking session are authorized to park in spaces designated for ADA parking. This includes spaces designated for access areas.
  5. Loading Zones: Areas limited to loading and unloading freight or materials only. Vehicles using these zones are limited to the posted time limit.
  6. Restricted Use Parking: Parking lots or areas that are restricted or limited for the use of particular persons or groups as designated and not intended for general use. (Fleet, Priority, Compact Car, etc.)

Section VI: Definitions

  1. Campus: Includes all University of Alaska Anchorage property within the Municipality of Anchorage in the vicinity of Anchorage, Alaska.
  2. Officers: All full- and part-time University and State of Alaska authorized officers that participate in campus patrol and in the enforcement of state and municipal laws and University regulations and rules.
  3. Vehicle: “Vehicle” means a device in, upon, or by which a person or property may be transported or drawn upon immediately over a highway or vehicular way or area (113 AAC 10.185).
  4. Compact Car: A vehicle less than 15 feet 6 inches in total length, less than 6 feet wide, and less than 5 feet tall. These measurements are to include any additional equipment attached to the vehicle, including but not limited to trailer hitches, bike racks, or ski racks.
  5. Motor Vehicle: A vehicle which is self-propelled except a vehicle moved by human or animal power (13 ACC 29.35.260).
  6. Restricted Area: Areas not open or intended to be open for public vehicular traffic or parking.
  7. Fire Lanes: All streets, roads, and lawns on campus, or any other location, the blocking of which tends to impede passage of any emergency vehicle especially those areas specifically posted and/or designated as fire lanes. During winter these may be marked with red chalk or paint.
  8. Visitors: Visitors are classified as a person or persons who are neither faculty, staff, student, nor any other university related individual, who is visiting on the campus.
  9. Delinquent Parking Citation: Any citation issued by Parking Services for a parking violation which has not been paid within twenty-one (21) days.
  10. Stopping: When prohibited means any halting, even momentarily, of a vehicle whether occupied or not.
  11. Standing: When prohibited means the halting of a vehicle whether occupied or not, other than temporarily for the purpose of actively receiving or discharging passenger
  12. Parking: The standing of a vehicle whether occupied or not, other than temporarily for the purpose of actively loading and unloading of merchandise or passengers.
  13. Appeal Board: See section IV.6.

Section VII: General Information and Miscellaneous Rules

  1. Responsibility for Loss: The University of Alaska Anchorage is not responsible for fire, loss, damage to, theft of vehicles parked on the campus.
  2. Motor Vehicle Accident: In the event of a motor vehicle accident on campus, notify the University Police (786-1120) immediately.
  3. Destruction of Markers: Do not remove, deface, turn, bend the post of, or in any other manner molest any sign or obstruct lights or flares.
  4. Off-Road Vehicles: Off-road vehicles (trail bikes, snowmobiles, ATV’s, etc.) may not be operated on the streets and roads of the University campus.
  5. Responsibility to These Rules: All members of the campus community and visitors are subject to these rules.
  6. Non-Motorized Conveyances: The operation of a bicycle or other non-motorized conveyance on campus must be in accordance with the Alaska Motor Vehicle Statutes and the University Regulations (13 ACC 02.400) This includes but is not limited to the following:
    • Prohibits the use of unicycle, coaster, roller skates, skateboards, rollerblades, or similar devices on a roadway, sidewalks, parking areas or inside a building.
    • Prohibits the parking of a bicycle on a street or sidewalk in manner which obstructs a pedestrian, traffic or the parking and driving of a motor vehicle.
  7. Official Vehicles: University and/or government vehicles:
    • Are not exempt from these rules and regulations and the driver or respective agency will be held responsible for all citations incurred while the vehicle is in use or while parked.
    • Will be parked in an area/space designated by Parking Services.
  8. Requests for Special Parking: (Events, seminars, group parking, etc.) All requests for special parking must be directed to the Parking Office as far in advance as possible and preferably no less than three working days before the scheduled event. Special events include, but are not limited to, visiting federal, state, and university officials, distinguished guests; conferences, athletic and campus special events. Permits will be requested in writing by the deans, directors, or other official sponsor of each appropriate agency or department. The permit will be issued to the department or individual per the agency’s direction subject to the approval of the UAA Parking Office. The request for a permit must identify those specific parking areas for which the permit is requested.
  9. Short Term Parking: “Loading Zones” are available throughout campus to provide convenient access to high activity areas. These spaces are for official University business transactions and were designed to expedite the individual’s time with particular projects.
  10. Parking and Traffic Control Devices: Parking Services conducts an annual review of parking and traffic control devices and is receptive to valid recommendations from the campus community for improvements and/or changes. Permanent parking and traffic control devices meet, and are installed, as per state and national standards (the Alaska Traffic Manual, the Federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, and the Alaska Sign Design Specification Manual).
  11. Impoundment and Towing: Parking Services reserves the right to tow and/or impound a vehicle at the owner’s expense for maintenance operations such as snow removal, parking illegally, or parking a disabled vehicle for an extended period. The University assumes no responsibility in the event of damage resulting from the impoundment, immobilization, or storage of any illegally parked vehicle.

    The University of Alaska Anchorage reserves the right to cite, impound, and/or immobilize any vehicle at either the owner’s or drivers’ expense if found in violation of any these rules or declared to be constituting either a hazard or nuisance on campus. The University of Alaska Anchorage assumes no responsibility in the event of damage resulting from the impoundment or storage of any illegally parked vehicle.

Parking Services reserves the right to revise, delete or update any part of these rules and regulations. Any such changes may become effective prior to the next scheduled printing.

Last updated: (8.23.22)