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Campus Map: Parking Lots, Garages and Pay N Park Kiosks

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Student Housing Visitor Lots

Residential students can purchase a discounted Full Day Parking Permit to park in the resident lots and main campus. Visitors to the Residential community must park in the Willow Lot or Cottonwood Lot.

Specially Marked Spaces

Remember, certain spaces are designated and marked for specialized use. Improper parking in these spaces will result in a violation. The following list is not exhaustive, just some typical specially marked spaces—always ensure you are following all parking space signage appropriately.

  • Fire Lane: Fire Lanes and Hydrant access are to be clear at ALL times for emergency responders. It is NEVER okay to park in these areas.
  • ADA Accessible: A visible disability parking permit or plate, issued by the Division of Motor Vehicles, is required.
  • Priority Parking: A Priority Parking permit or Priority Passport session is required to park in these spaces. Priority Permits are available for annual or semester purchase on the Long-term Parking page.
  • Fleet Vehicles: These spaces are designated for UAA fleet and operations vehicles ONLY.
  • Loading/Unloading: These spaces are available for use within the posted time period.

For complete guidance regarding parking and violations, see the Parking Rules and Regulations

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