Kiuguyat: The Northern Lights

Alaska's Far North is cloaked in darkness for much of the Arctic winter season. For Iñupiat people who live in this remote landscape, the beautiful dancing lights known as the Northern Lights are a welcome sight. What are the Northern Lights? How did they get there? What meaning do they hold for those who live beneath their splendor? This 25-minute fulldome video showcases the lights through stunning time-lapse photography and introduces the audience to Iñupiat elders and residents of all ages as they share traditional stories, songs, personal experiences and generational knowledge related to the lights. 

Animated visualizations depict the physical science processes that produce this fascinating high latitude phenomenon.

Run time: 24 minutes

Educator Material

Student and Teacher Materials available for free download and use at Cultural Connections: The Northern Lights website.

Kiuguyat: The Northern Lights