Become a member!  Membership with the UAA Planetarium and Visualization Theater includes several benefits, including free admission to planetarium shows.  

Our Planet-Level Supporters – at an annual contribution of $250 or more – enjoy additional benefits such as invitations to all of our sneak-preview events and receptions.  And a contribution of $1,050 or more automatically enrolls you in the UAA College of Fellows, with even more invitations to exclusive events for the University's leadership donors.  If you're one of our "frequent flyers," please consider contributing at a higher level.

Memberships expire at the end of the academic year (June 30).  But as a special year-end incentive, we begin offering memberships for the new academic year starting in March.  That's up to an extra four months for free!  For example, if you made your contribution on March 1, you could begin enjoying the benefits of membership immediately, but your expiration date wouldn't be until June 30 the following year.

You can also give a planetarium membership as a gift!  On either the electronic or printable forms, fill out the form as if you are buying the membership for yourself.  Then, include an additional note to indicate that it should be a gift membership, and provide as much information as you can about the recipient (Name, Address, Phone, Email, and Student ID number, if applicable).  On the electronic form, you can use the "Please share why you give to UAA" box for this purpose.