Current Shows

Discover the wilds of Alaska, the animals that live there, and the people who depend on them. A Place Like No Other. University of Alaska Anchorage. OpenLens Productions.

A Place Like No Other (29 Minutes)

above alaska poster

Above Alaska (24 Minutes)

Aurora Storm Poster

Aurora Storm (15 Minutes)

awesome light poster

Awesome Light (22 Minutes)

Big Astronomy

Big Astronomy (27 Minutes)

black holes poster

Black Holes (23 Minutes)

dawn poster

Dawn of the Space Age (30 Minutes)

Earth, Moon, & Sun poster

Earth Moon Sun (29 Minutes)

earthquake poster

Earthquake (26 Minutes)

Escher's Universe

Escher's Universe (25 Minutes)

exploding universe poster

Exploding Universe (32 Minutes)

fractals rock poster

Fractals Rock! (5 Minutes)

Habitat Earth Poster

Habitat Earth (25 Minutes)

Mayan Archeoastronomy poster

Mayan Archeoastronomy (20 Minutes)

Mexica Archeoastronomy poster

Mexica Archeoastronomy (20 Minutes)

nanocam poster

Nanocam (27 Minutes)

natural selection poster

Natural Selection (30 Minutes)

origin poster

Origins of Life (23 Minutes)

river of bears poster

River of Bears (24 Minutes)


Sonic Vision (36 Minutes)

Explore the Sun: Sunstruck

Sunstruck (21 Minutes)

Poster for Undiscovered Worlds Planetarium show

Undiscovered Worlds (30 Minutes)

One Sky poster

OneSky- Six Short Film Options (Full- 44 Minutes)

Artemis (6 Minutes), Celestial Canoe (7 Minutes), Jai Sing's Dream (7 Minutes), Samurai & the Stars (6 Minutes), Thunderbird (7 Minutes), and Wayfinders (7 Minutes)