This is a live presentation. Shows may differ depending on the presenter.

In Neurotours, the latest neuroimaging technology becomes our observatory to discover the inner frontier of human consciousness. Through a live-presented planetarium show, real brain images come alive around us as we scale our inner universe.

During the tour we'll explore imagery on the scales ranging from the size of the entire head down to the sub-cellular scale, millions of times smaller. It takes us flying through the skull to the outer layers of the cerebral cortex, exploring sub-components of the brain, wandering through neurons, and much more.

Throughout the journey, you get an unprecedented view of our place in the universe, and in turn, where the universe is represented in our brain (it is!). For most people, Neurotours is their first immersive live-travel inside a real human brain...a truly mind-blowing experience!

Run time: ~50 minutes

More information is available on the Neurodome project website