Major in Political SciencePolitics and government are among the most pervasive organized activities in modern society. They affect everyone, whether as citizen or official, voter or candidate, employee or manager, wealthy land owner or impoverished transient.

The study of political science provides a practical knowledge of the workings of governmental systems from the local to the international level. Students in the department are introduced to the practical values influencing politics and government as well as provided training in political analysis and knowledge of government processes.

Political Science is divided into five areas: Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Philosophy, American Politics, and Political Behavior. Majors in Political Science are required to take at least one course in each of these areas, to specialize in one of them, and to complete introductory courses in economics and history as well as in political science.

General Education Requirements | College of Arts and Sciences Requirements | Bachelor of Arts - Political Science | Honors in Political Science


General Education Requirements

All students who earn a baccalaureate degree from UAA must have completed the General Education Requirements (34 credits required).

Communications 9 credits
COMM A111, A235, A237, or A241 (3 credits)
ENGL A111 3 credits
ENGL A211, A212 or A213, A214 (3 credits)

Quantitative Skills 3 credits
STAT A252, MATH A107, or MATH A172

Humanities 6 credits
Any combination of GER courses listed in the catalog other than Political Science.

Fine Arts 3 credits
Any GER course listed in the catalog.

Social Sciences 6 credits
Any combination of GER courses listed in the catalog other than political science.

Natural Science 7 credits
Any combination of GER courses listed in the catalog including at least one lab.

GERs highly recommended for PS majors
COMM 241, ENGL 213, 214, STAT 252, 307


 College of Arts and Sciences Requirements

* Comparative Cultures (3 credits)
  (ANTH A250)  
* Western Culture (6 credits)
  (HIST A101 & HIST A102)  
* American Culture (3 credits)
  (HIST A131, A132, or PS A101)  

B. Arts and Letters

* Intro to Literature (3 credits)
  (ENGL A121, A301, A302, A306, A307)  
* Language/Humanities (8 credits)
  (HIST A101 & HIST A102)  
  Any two (2) semester sequence in one of the following humanities sequences or in a language other than English:
  (ART A261-A262, ENGL A201-A202, MUS A221-A222, PHIL A211-A212, PHIL A313B-A314, PS A332-A333, THR A311-A312,THR A411-A412)

C. Ways of Knowing (3 credits)

* Choose one of the following:
(ENGL A120, PHIL A101, A201, A301, A421)

D. Social Behavior (3 credits)

* Choose one of the following:
ANTH A101, ECON A201, SOC A101, COMM A101, JPC A101, PSY A111, SWK/HUMS A106

Bachelor of Arts - Political Science

Note: Courses which meet General Education Requirements for Political Science majors are designated by a dagger(Ü) after their titles. Courses which meet College of Arts and Sciences requirements for Political Science majors are designated by a section mark (ß) after their titles.

1. Complete the 18 credit PS core:

* PS A101 Intro to American Govt. ß (3 credits)
* PS A102 Intro to Political Science ß (3 credits)
* PS/SOC A361 Social Sci. Research Methods (3 credits)
* PS A301 Comparative Political Economy (3 credits)
* PS A330 The American Political Tradition (3 credits)
* PS A492 Senior Seminar in Politics
(Take in final Spring semester)
(3 credits)

2. Complete one starred (*) course from each of the five areas below (15 credits):

Comparative Politics

* PS A311 Comparative Politics ß (3 credits)
* PS A312 Comparative Northern Politics (3 credits)
  PS A411 Tribes, Nations & Peoples (3 credits)
  A490 Studies in Politics (1-3 credits)

International Relations
* PS A321 International Relations (3 credits)
* PS A322 United States Foreign Policy (3 credits)
  PS A324 Model UN (1-3 credits)
  PS A424 International Law and Organization (3 credits)
  PS A490 Studies in Politics (3 credits)

Political Philosophy
* PS A331 Political Philosophy (3 credits)
* PS A332 Hist. of Political Phil. I: Classical ß (3 credits)
* PS A333 Hist. of Political Phil. II: Modern ß (1-3 credits)
  PS A490 Studies in Politics (3 credits)

American Politics
* PS A341 The United States Congress (3 credits)
* PS A342 The American Presidency (3 credits)
  PS/JUST A343 Constitutional Law (3 credits)
  PS A344 State and Local Politics (3 credits)
  PS A345 Alaska Government and Politics (3 credits)
  PS A346 Alaska Native Politics
(3 credits)
  A490 Studies in Politics
(1-3 credits)

Political Behavior
* PS/SOC A351 Political Sociology (3 credits)
* PS A353 Political Behavior, Participation, and Democracy (3 credits)
  PS A453 Organization Theory (3 credits)
  PS A490 Studies in Politics (1-3 credits)
  PS A495 Internship In Political Science (3 credits)

3. Complete six (6) more credits in upper-division political science courses from one of the five areas listed above. PS 490 may be repeated with a different subtitle.

4. A total of 120 credits is required for the degree, of which 42 must be upper-division, and minimum of 39 political science credits.


Honors in Political Science

Students majoring in Political Science are eligible to graduate with Departmental Honors if they satisfy all requirements. These include maintaining a grade point average of 3.50 or above in courses applicable to the degree, completing PS A492, Senior Seminar in Politics, in the final spring term of study with an honor grade and receiving an honors score on a comprehensive examination. Department Honors are awarded by the faculty in Political Science.