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Career Services provides free career counseling through both virtual and in-person appointments to all UAA students and alumni. Whether you're studying in Anchorage, online, or at a community campus, we invite you to meet with our career advisors! They can talk you through your questions and ideas, help you polish your job applications, and support you as you explore and pursue professional opportunities. 


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How to Schedule an Advising Appointment

Schedule your appointment today through Handshake—simply log in using your UA username and password.

Walk-In Advising

Walk-in advising sessions are brief, 15-20 minute meetings with a career advisor, no appointment required. Just drop by the Career Services office in the Avis Alaska Sports Complex (lower-level of the Student Union) and we'll meet with you on a first-come, first-served basis. For this semester's walk-in hours, visit our events page.

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On-Demand Resources

Visit our Resource Library to find resources to support you in completing an application, preparing for an interview, or exploring a variety of career paths. 

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Types of Advising Appointments

If you do not see what you need, contact for individualized career support.

  • Resume/ CV Support

    Whether you're crafting your first resume or seeking to enhance an existing one, Career Services is here to assist you every step of the way! If you're starting from scratch, you will receive guidance on how to structure and build an effective resume. For those with a current resume or CV, Career Services will conduct an in-depth review, offering feedback and suggestions for improvement. 

    Prepare for this appointment type by reviewing our resume guide and templates in our resource library

  • Cover Letter Support

    Every application should include both a resume and a cover letter. Whether this is your first time creating a cover letter or you seeking to improve, Career Services is here to assist you! If you are starting from scratch, you will receive information about the purpose of the cover letter and detailed instructions on how to build an effective cover letter. For those with a current cover letter, Career Services will conduct an in-depth review, offering feedback and suggestions for improvement. 

    Prepare for this appointment type by reviewing our cover letter guide and template in our resource library

  • Resume/ CV and Cover Letter Review

    This appointment type requires that you already have a resume and cover letter to be reviewed. Please come to this appointment to have your documents reviewed by a Career Services professional and receive feedback and suggestions for improvement. 

  • On-Campus Job Search

    Whether you are seeking your first job, or you are simply looking for flexible and convenient employment, on-campus jobs are a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable experience and develop sought-after skills. Meet with Career Services to find the right on-campus opportunity for you. In this meeting you will explore available opportunities, discuss eligibility requirements, and go over the application process.

  • Early Career Exploration

    With so many options and opportunities, selecting a major or career path can be difficult. Career Services is here to help you discover your interests, explore different career paths, and develop a plan for your career journey and academic journey. 

  • Post-grad Career Exploration

    Pursuing a career path post-graduation can be hard. Whether you are overwhelmed with options, or you know what you want but are unsure how to get there, Career Services is here to help! In this appointment we will help you narrow down your interests, help you match your skills and education to career opportunities, help you discern if a graduate degree is for you, explore different career opportunities, and develop a plan to get you started on your path to success.

  • Job Search Strategies

    Need help with your job search? Career Services is here for you! We assist students and alumni in finding the right opportunities, discussing application processes, reviewing career goals, and developing action plans. 

  • Interview Prep

    If you haven’t interviewed before, or it’s been awhile you may want information on what to expect. In this appointment we will cover interviewing basics, what to expect in a modern interview, and how to prepare answers that will wow the interviewer. We will walk through your questions and direct you to information that will help you lead a successful interview.

  • Mock Interview

    No matter if it's your first interview or you've been through several, it's normal to feel nervous. In this appointment we will help you to boost your confidence as we rehearse answers to common interview questions. This appointment will mirror a real interview. Come professionally dressed, ready to practice real interview questions, and to receive feedback openly. If you're preparing for an interview in a specific job or field, please include a copy of the job posting (e.g. attachment or link) in the appointment notes when scheduling.

  • Salary Negotiation

    Employers expect applicants to advocate for themselves by negotiating an initial job offer or annual raise. In this appointment we will discuss your goals, the employer perspective, and best practices and strategies to take when negotiating. We will walk through any questions you have and direct you to appropriate resources regarding average compensation packages for your industry.

  • Fielding Multiple Offers

    Congratulations you’ve been offered more than one opportunity! Now you have the overwhelming task of deciding between them. Book this appointment to receive support in defining your ideal outcome, how to juggle multiple deadlines, how to professionally rescind or decline offers, and direct you to negotiation resources as necessary.