Connect with and Recruit UAA Talent

Ways to connect with UAA talent:

  • Connect with students and alumni through an employer Handshake account
  • Attend on-campus and virtual recruitment events 
  • Advertise open jobs and internships on Handshake
  • Host student-friendly jobs and internships
  • Share your expertise at career networking events

Login to Handshake 

Get Started in Handshake 

Create a free employer account with Handshake, UA’s career management platform for students and alumni. Through Handshake you can post jobs and internships, manage applications and interviews, register for recruiting events, communicate with students and alumni, and more.

  • New to Handshake?
    1. Sign up for an employer account
    2. After completing registration, your request will be reviewed 
    3. Complete your employer profile
    4. Stuck? Check out this help article: Getting Started with Handshake 
  • Already on Handshake, but looking for a UAA connection?
    1. On the left side of the navigation toolbar, click 'Schools'
    2. Click 'More Schools on Handshake' to request and search specific schools
    3. Request The University of Alaska System
    4. Once received, your request will be reviewed
  • Company is on Handshake, but you are not?
    1. Sign up with your work email address and create a password
    2. Handshake will suggest your company based on your email domain
    3. Request to join your company
    4. The admin/owner of your company's Handshake account will approve you
  • How to Post a Job or Internship
    1. Sign in to your employer account on Handshake
    2. From the home page you can click the blue box on the left that says 'Post a Job'
    3. Or on the left side navigation toolbar, click 'Jobs'
    4. On the top right, click the blue box titled 'Create Job'
    5. Complete the job posting with as many details and descriptions as possible
    6. Follow the prompts and add the school or schools you would like to post the job to
    7. Enter application start and expiration dates, then click 'Create'
    8. For further information review 'How to Post a Job in Handshake'

Best Practices 

  • Complete Your Company Profile

    Include a company email domain that matches your company, a working website that matches your company, forward facing contact information (email, phone number, etc).

  • Request a Few Schools Initially

    This will allow you to build positive relationships with schools while also growing your Trust Score. You can request additional schools as you become approved at your initial schools.

  • Build Your Trust Score

    The trust score takes into account your activity level on the platform, the number of approvals from various schools, length of time on the platform, completeness of profile, and valid website. Focusing on these areas will help build your score.  

Employer Policies

By participating in any of UAA Career Services’ recruiting programs or posting positions on Handshake, you confirm that you and your company will abide by our Recruiting Policies.