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Career Services During Coronavirus

Career Services has transitioned to an entirely virtual model for the fall semester. We continue to offer a full menu of resources, programs, and services online. For more information visit the Career Services COVID-19 webpage.

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On-Campus Jobs

Apply to on-campus positions through the Careers at UA website.

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Earn Academic Credit through Internships

Internships are a great way to gain meaningful work experience, relevant knowledge, and career skills while establishing important connections in the field. Depending on your program, you can even earn academic credit toward your degree through your internship. Contact your advisor to evaluate your degree plan and see if you are eligible to earn credit for your internship. Career Services is a great resource to help you find internship opportunities and prepare for your application or interview process.

Internship Placement

  • Credit Requirement: Students must be enrolled in a minimum of six credits during the fall or spring semester. Those credits may include the student internship. During the summer semester, students must be enrolled in 1-3 credits, which can include the student internship.
  • GPA Requirement: Please check the course catalog for specific GPA requirements for your internship course.
  • Alaska Minimum Wage Requirement: Career Services can only coordinate internships in which students earn minimum hourly wage or higher. Under certain circumstances, a student may work for a non-profit organization that meets the DOL six standards for a legitimate internship as an unpaid intern.
  • Maximum Weekly Hours: Interns may only count up to 20 hours per week while classes are in session during the fall and spring semesters. During the summer semester and academic breaks, interns may count up to 40 hours per week. This does not apply to international students.
  • International Student Requirements: All international students please visit the UAA International Student Services Office for work requirements.
  • Internship Class Enrollment Guidelines: Internships are not limited to the academic calendar. However, an “Incomplete” or a “Deferred” will be assigned for the course at the end of the academic semester if the internship runs beyond the current semester. The incomplete/deferred will be removed upon successful completion of the course and the submission of necessary paperwork to Enrollment Services. Special circumstances may apply if the student receives financial aid. If the student enrolls in the internship course after the designated deadline to register for directed and independent studies, and practicum, internship, research and thesis courses, the student must enroll for the following semester. See the current UAA Registration Deadlines.
  • Internship Completion Requirements: Grades for student internships will not be issued until the following is completed:
    • Accumulate a minimum of 75 hours per credit (3 credits = 225 minimum hours) at internship placement by the end date as stated in the Learning Agreement. Additional proof of hours accrued may be requested.
    • Submission of midway and final evaluations from the employer.
    • Submission of a Technical Report reflection paper about your placement experience. This paper is due no later than 7 days after the official end date of the internship or at a date set by the faculty advisor. Additional deadlines may also be contained in the course syllabus.
    • Additional requirements as assigned by your faculty advisor.

Job Scam Notice

In light of COVID-19 we can expect an increase in job scammers. These scammers may post jobs on popular job boards and they may directly contact you via email offering to hire you for a position. Some scams may use reputable companies as fronts, they may even mention Handshake or UAA to make them seem more legitimate. 

  1. Employers who use Handshake can not see your email and will only be able to contact you through the Handshake platform if they have an employer trust score of 80 or above. Additionally, you must choose to allow employers to contact you on Handshake before they will be allowed to do so. 
  2. Handshake will never ask for sign-in credentials or personal payment through email. If you receive an email requesting these or containing unusual phrases, spelling, or grammar, please don’t click on any links or reply.

UAA continues to respond to Internet scams; the following two links are excellent resources. 

Be wary if the job posting or email:

  • Requests your personal information such as address, phone number etc. without any previous contact
  • Asks for any money or sensitive personal information such as bank account, social security number etc.
  • Focuses on money or promises to pay in advance. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Uses an email address that is not linked to the company they represent
  • Links to a nonprofessional looking website
  • Has spelling errors or lacks a professional tone
  • References getting your contact information from your university or career center
  • Be skeptical, always ask questions and look up jobs/employers when you are looking at job postings or reading email offers.