Anchorage Alaska College and Career Fair

The University of Alaska Anchorage is proud to host the 39th Annual Anchorage Alaska College and Career Fair virtually, in fall 2020. This event is hosted in partnership with StriveScan, with support from the school districts and communities across Alaska. This two day event, continues its mission to support Alaska students and job seekers to connect with a breadth of colleges, universities, agencies, and organizations and explore the variety of postsecondary education and career training opportunities available.

39th Annual Anchorage Alaska College and Career Fair:

2020 Dates

  • Tuesday, October 13:
    4pm - 7:45pm

    College Exploration Panel Presentations

  • Wednesday, October 14:
    12pm - 3:45pm

    6x6 Virtual Fair Sessions

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Virtual Event Format

Tuesday, October 13
College Exploration Panel Presentations

Select from 18 panel presentations on college knowledge or career exploration topics or affinity groups of colleges. This comprehensive program provides students and families with a wealth of college search information. Hosted over a four-hour period, consisting of five concurrent sessions in each 45-minute block.

Register for Panel Presentations


Wednesday, October 14
6x6 Virtual Fair Sessions

Similar to an in-person fair, students get exposure to a wide variety among over 100 colleges and career opportunities in a short amount of time. Hosted over a four-hour period, StriveScan’s 6×6 Virtual Fair format consists of a selection of concurrent 45-minute sessions in which six institutions each present for six minutes.

Register for 6x6 Virtual Fair Sessions

All sessions will be recorded and available on-demand following the event.



  • Registration opens September 28, 2020.
  • Attendance is free. 


All students, parents, and counselors throughout Alaska are welcome to attend. Participation is free.


Students should register for each session that they want to attend. To do so, click the Student Registration link for each session of interest. If students are interested in attending sessions that are running concurrently, please continue to register for both sessions so colleges are receiving your information.

Once they register, they’ll receive a confirmation email with their unique link to join the Zoom webinar. (Students will also receive a barcode, but the barcode is not necessary for this virtual event.)

When students register, they are sharing their registration information only with colleges presenting on that particular panel. StriveScan does not sell or share personally identifiable student information with any other third parties.

Students are encouraged to attend these sessions live so they can ask questions and interact with the college and employer representatives. If students are unable to attend live, we still encourage them to register for the sessions they are interested in and recordings will be available below later. Sessions will be recorded and accessible at a later date.

Students will be able to use the Q&A chat to type questions to the representatives throughout the session.


Parents should register their students using their student’s information.


Please share this opportunity with your students and encourage them to register! High school counselors can also register using the Counselor Registration links on each session.


  • Be Prepared


    Follow these tips to get the most out of the Anchorage Alaska College and Career Fair.

    Prepare a few questions ahead of time. If possible spend a little time researching a few colleges of interest and prepare to ask for details that are not readily available on their website. Here are a few examples:

    • Does your school offer on-campus employment?
    • What are the residence halls like (co-ed, shared bathroom, distance from campus)?
    • How are housing assignments made?
    • What is the local community like?
    • What sets your school apart from other institutions?

    Take Notes

    Be sure to bring a pen and paper to take notes. You'll be speaking with representatives from numerous colleges, all with very similar looking promotional materials. Ensure information doesn't get lost by writing down college names and notes clearly.

    Overwhelmed with Possibility

    You might feel a little overwhelmed by the number of colleges and sessions you are able to visit. Research the list of representatives and sessions ahead of time and draft a list of who you want to see. This will help you make the most of your time.

    Did you Know

    Many of the schools attending are part of the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) program. Students who apply to a WUE school may receive tuition at a reduced rate of 150%, rather than paying a much higher out-of-state tuition rate.


Promotional Materials

Counselors can download a full promotional kit for the Virtual Anchorage Alaska College and Career Fair.



Registration open August 31, 2020 through September 14, 2020.

This virtual event is offered to students and job seekers across all of Alaska, in lieu of the traditional in-person college fair circuit each fall which has been canceled for 2020 as a result of the global pandemic and social distancing guidelines. All organizations who typically participate in the Alaska college fair circuit are encouraged to participate.

Panel Presentations

Registration is now closed.

Space is very limited. Panel presentation submissions must be complete. This includes session title, description, institutions and presenters. TBD submissions will not be accepted. The panel must include at least 3 colleges or organizations represented. Panels will last 45 minutes.

  • College knowledge or career topics
    • Examples: Applying to College as an LGBTQ+ Student, Scholarships for Alaskans, Dos and Don’ts of Essay Writing, Navigating Financial Aid and Reconsideration, Being Undecided, Test-Optional, Parents' Role in the College Search, The Common App: Everything You Need to Know, Applying with College Credit from High School, Exploring Career and Technical Training, Living on Campus
  • Affinity group of colleges or career training programs
    • Examples: The State Public Colleges, Jesuit Colleges, Taste of the South, Military Careers

6x6 Virtual Fair

Registration is now closed.

Once exhibitor registration closes, this website will be updated with the schedule and exhibitors will be notified via email of their hour-long time block and the other institutions they will be presenting with during their session.

Exhibitors may have up to two representatives from their institution as panelists during the session. Some institutions may want to have one representative dedicated to answering questions in the chat.

StriveScan Virtual College Fair Presenter Training


  • After registration closes, exhibitors will be assigned by the Anchorage Alaska College and Career Fair committee to a group with 5 other institutions (total of 6 colleges or employers per group).
  • The session will be 45-minutes long, allowing for each institution to present for 6 minutes.
  • Throughout the entire 45 minutes, students will be able to ask questions via chat.
  • There will be multiple concurrent group sessions happening each hour.
  • Students will register through StriveScan for each group session they want to attend.
  • All six institutions in the group will receive the StriveScan student data for all of the students who registered for the group’s session.
  • Total time commitment is approximately one hour per fair session.
  • Sessions are hosted by StriveScan via Zoom Webinars (students will not be on camera).