Summer Bridge

What is Summer Bridge?

Summer Bridge is a five-week residential education program. Students must be able to participate in the entire five-week program. Participants will live in on-campus housing, have a meal plan to cover meals in the residence dining hall, and complete up to six undergraduate credits, to include university studies, college level math, and college level writing courses (dependent on placement testing). Students who place below college level courses will enroll in tuition free accelerated math/writing support courses to prepare for college level placement in the fall. In addition, Summer Bridge participants will participate in extracurricular programming designed to help them build relationships and social skills, and gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to succeed in college.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are the dates for Summer Bridge?
    Summer Bridge orientation will run June 24th and 25th. Students will move into the dormitories on June 26th and the five-week summer class session will be held June 27th to August 3rd, 2024. Students will move out of the dorms and return home on August 4th.
  • Is there a cost for Summer Bridge?
    Summer Bridge helps students jumpstart their college education without any cost to students or their families. Program costs will be covered by a combination of Federal financial aid, TRIO Program funds, and funds provided by UAA. All participants are required to complete a 2023-2024 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine if Federal financial aid is available to them for summer 2024.
  • Will participating in Summer Bridge affect my future financial aid?
    Participating in Summer Bridge may impact future financial aid. For example, students who are eligible for a Pell grant may only do so for a maximum of 12-semesters (i.e., six years of education if attending fall/spring semesters only). Like any other summer semester, participating in Summer bridge is considered one of those semesters.
  • Am I eligible for Summer Bridge?
    • Apply and be accepted to UAA for the fall semester (students who are admitted into Summer Bridge will also complete a UAA admission application for summer 2024)
    • Apply and be accepted to TRIO Student Support Services
    • Complete UAA academic placement testing for math and writing
    • Complete a 2023-2024 FAFSA (to determine financial aid eligibility)
    • Students must be able to participate in the entire five-week program

    Once admitted into Summer Bridge, students will work with SSS staff to complete further paperwork and steps to prepare for Summer Bridge.

  • How do I apply for Summer Bridge?
    Students who have applied and been accepted to UAA should apply for the Summer Bridge program by completing a TRIO Student Support Services application and checking the box indicating that they are interested in Summer Bridge at the end of the application .
  • When does the Summer Bridge application close ?
    The deadline to complete all the eligibility requirements for the 2024 Summer Bridge program is March 30th, 2024 .
  • What is academic placement testing and how do I complete it?
    Academic placement testing at UAA is used to determine student placement in math and writing courses. Students can submit their ACT/SAT scores to UAA as a measure to determine placement. Students can also complete placement exams through UAA. The ALEKS PPL exam for mathematics placement can be done from any computer equipped with a camera and the ability to download temporary lockdown software. The UAA Writing Sample is used for writing placement and can be done from any computer that allows the student to access their personal email account (not a school email address). Current TRIO UB or ETS students can work with their TRIO advisor for assistance with testing. The testing websites can be found on the UAA Course Placement and Testing webpage.
  • What classes will I be taking?
    All students will enroll in University Studies A190, which is a 3 credit college foundations course. Additionally, based on academic placement testing, students will enroll in either a College Algebra (MATH A151), or Writing Across Contexts (WRTG A111) , or complete a math and writing bootcamp (for students who do not place into MATH A151 or WRTG A111).
  • Are instructors or tutors available for assistance during Summer Bridge?
    UAA course instructors have Office Hours available to meet with and assist students. Office hours and contact information for Summer Bridge instructors will be made available to students at the start of the semester. Summer Bridge will also have exclusive group tutoring sessions hosted by Peer Mentors. UAA also offers tutoring services through the UAA Learning Commons (located in the UAA Consortium Library).
  • What happens if I fail a class?
    Failing a credit bearing Summer Bridge course is the same as failing any other college course. Failing a course will result in a grade of F being recorded on UAA transcript. Failing a course will negatively impact your semester and cumulative college GPA. Additionally, failing a course may negatively impact your satisfactory academic progress and eligibility for financial aid. Summer Bridge students will receive a robust offering of academic support and are expected to utilize and attend all required tutoring sessions to assist in successful completion of each course.
  • Where and when are my classes?
    Participants will attend classes on the main UAA campus from Monday through Thursday. Class locations and exact times will be shared with participants before Summer Bridge begins. Participants should expect a full day of academic and extra curricular engagement during their time in Summer Bridge.
  • How do I get to my classes?
    There is no Seawolf Shuttle service on the UAA campus during the summer. Students are expected to walk between campus housing, campus dining, and to their classroom buildings. Students are expected to plan their schedules accordingly to ensure that they arrive at all classes on time. Students with physical disabilities will work with the SSS staff to determine alternative transportation options.
  • Where will I be living during Summer Bridge?
    Participants will be housed in UAA resident housing dormitories for the duration of the Summer Bridge program. Participants will share housing with other Summer Bridge participants and are required to follow all housing rules and program expectations. Roommate assignments will be based on duo or quad housing availability. Further instructions and details will be provided to accepted Summer Bridge students. For an idea of potential housing floor plans please reference the Residence Hall Quad Suite floor plans.
  • Can I choose my Summer Bridge roommate?
    Summer Bridge participants will share housing. Room assignments will be determined by UAA Residence Life  and TRIO SSS staff.
  • Do I have to live on campus? Can I leave campus?
    All Summer Bridge participants are required to live on campus for the duration of the five-week Summer Bridge program. Students are expected to attend all scheduled Summer Bridge programming from Monday through Friday as well as occasional weekend programming. Students are allowed to leave campus during non-program hours and on weekends when there is no programming scheduled. 
  • Can I have guests stay with me during Summer Bridge?
    Summer Bridge students may not have overnight guests stay with them during Summer Bridge.
  • Can I work during Summer Bridge?
    Students are expected to live on campus for the duration of the five-week Summer Bridge program. Students are expected to attend all scheduled Summer Bridge programming. Additionally, students will have college coursework (e.g., assignments) to complete outside of scheduled program times. While participants are not prohibited from working during non-program hours, Summer Bridge leaves little time for summer employment.
  • Can I have a vehicle on campus? Do I have to pay for parking?
    Students may have vehicles on campus. However, the Summer Bridge program does not cover the costs of parking on campus. Daily and semester parking is available from UAA Parking Services. For more information about parking on campus, visit the UAA Parking and Transportation website.
  • Do I have access to the UAA gymnasium, fitness center, and other recreational resources?
    Summer Bridge participants have access to all of the same campus facilities as other UAA students. Access to the gymnasium, fitness center, and other recreational resources depends on hours of availability. Students must present a valid Wolfcard to use facilities. More information on recreation facilities can be found at the AVIS Alaska Sports Complex website
  • What happens if I do not adhere to the requirements and regulations of the Summer Bridge program?

    All Summer Bridge students will receive a commitment contract that outlines the guidelines and expectations of their participation in Summer Bridge. Students are required to sign the contract to acknowledge their understanding. Students who do not adhere to the requirements and regulations of the Summer Bridge program and the University of Alaska Anchorage may be expelled from the Summer Bridge program and from TRIO SSS, and face further consequences as determined by the university.