Research Administration Task Force

Task Force Members


Cheryl Wilga, Associate Dean of Math, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences, Department of Biological Sciences
Aaron Dotson, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering


Ralph Townsend, Director/Professor, Institute of Social and Economic Research
Doug Causey, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
John Moore, Research Laboratory Manager, College of Arts & Sciences
Alyssa Ament,  Departmental Assistant & Advisor, Mechanical Engineering
Brandon Briggs, Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
Janet Johnston, Interim Director/Associate Professor of Epidemiology, Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies
Jodee Kuden, Head of Collection Development; Professor
Heather Paulsen, Director of Business Development/Grants/Contracts,  Business Enterprise Institute/Office of Sponsored Programs
Kris Keays-Gant, Grants Admin Manager, College of Arts & Sciences
Cindy Trussell, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, Kodiak College

About this Task Force

Supporting research, scholarship and creative activity is a core part of UAA’s mission. Because our university has grown and developed dramatically over the past decade and we have experienced some leadership turnover, it is an opportune time to think about how we best continue to support faculty through our office of research administration.

Charge to the Task Force on Research Administration

  • Current analysis. What is the current state of our research administrative operations? Review past work and reports on the structure and function of research administration at UAA.
  • Best practice peer review. How do similar institutions support research, scholarship, and creative activity through their research administration units? Where do such units sit within the university? To whom do they report?
  • Combining relevant functions. I have decided to separate graduate studies from research administration. However, might research administration be combined with economic development or commercialization?
  • Indirect cost recovery. What proportion of indirect cost recovery should go to support our research administration unit?
  • Policies and streamlining. What policies might be barriers to fostering a greater degree of research, scholarship and creative activities? (Policies might include more general financial and HR policies as well.) How might we streamline our workflows while still meeting reporting and compliance obligations?
  • Systems. Do technology support systems exist that can help us streamline research administration? What is UAF using? Are there opportunities for joint procurement of research administration systems? Are there pieces of the research administration process that might be “outsourced” to UAF on a contract basis?
  • Desired future state. Based on answers to questions above, what are options for our research administration unit at UAA. What are the steps needed to achieve these desired states? Be realistic, but do not restrict thinking due to resource concerns.

Mission Alignment of this Task Force

  • From the Board of Regents-approved UAA Mission Statement: The mission of the University of Alaska Anchorage is to discover and disseminate knowledge through teaching, research, engagement and creative expression
  • From Strategic Pathways: UAA research: Social and economic sciences and health policy
  • From UA 2025 Goals and Measures: 3. Grow our world-class research


This task force will provide recommendations by March 15, 2019.

After Task Force Final Recommendations

  • Chancellor will review recommendations
  • Recommendations will be circulated to campus community for input
  • Chancellor will review input and further consult with shared governance, cabinet and others
  • Chancellor will announce a decision
  • Implementation will begin immediately


Final Report