Strategic Enrollment Management Plan

Supporting UAA's overall Strategic Plan (UAA 2027), our Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) plan was created in 2023 through a comprehensive and inclusive planning process. The plan runs through 2028, with a goal to increase both Retention and new admissions, gradually increasing overall UAA enrollment to nearly 16,000 students. 

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12 Broad Strategies

  • Operational Effectiveness (2)
  • Recruitment (4)
  • Reputational Management (4)
  • Retention (2)

Operational Effectiveness

  • Create and manage processes that make it easy for students seeking a degree to be admitted and enroll, and make campus navigation intuitive.
  • Proactively facilitate greater academic efficiency to maximize course availability to ensure timely graduation and maximizing fill rate based on demand


  • Develop and execute a comprehensive recruitment plan with sub-plans for Transfer, Online, International, and Graduate admissions.
  • Position the University of Alaska Anchorage as an institution of first choice for students and families seeking higher education
  • Use data analysis to determine which programs should be marketed as destination programs for UAA
  • Facilitate enrollment of students who have stopped out by providing a single point of contact and outreach to support their needs.

Reputation Management

  • Welcome diverse populations to UAA by integrating diversity into all elements of outreach, recruitment, student services and program development
  • Establish a comprehensive brand campaign for UAA to better direct the narrative of the institution’s standing, vision and path forward
  • Establish a comprehensive communication plan for the UAA that directs messaging, content, and branding through established guidelines and process to ensure communication is vital and purposeful for the various audiences with whom the university engages
  • Establish UAA as Southcentral Alaska’s most trusted and respected community partner


  • Coordinate a comprehensive institutional retention plan that engages advising, student services, collegiate units, and departments to increase retention and student success.
  • Ensure that every student at the University of Alaska Anchorage has a financial plan for their education.