FP&C Project Request Form

UAA Facilities Planning & Construction office provides planning, design, and construction services to organizations of the University of Alaska Anchorage and the UA Statewide System.  Use this form to request construction of new or additional space, renovation or remodeling of existing space for repurposing or reconfiguration, or space alterations or improvements to meet tenant needs.

Prior to requesting construction of new or additional space, please complete the Space Request Form.  FP&C will try to reallocate and assign additional space or you will need to obtain approval for new space from the Facilities Space Planning Committee.

If you need assistance with completing the Project Request Form, please call UAA FP&C at 907-786-4900.

If you need copies of floor plans for your planning purposes, they are available on our website at http://fpgis.uaa.alaska.edu/CampusBuildings.htm.

Proposed name or title of your requested project.

Name of requesting organization (college/school/department/directorate/office).

Name of requestor who will be the project point of contact.

Please enter the requestor's phone number in (907) NNN-NNNN format.

Please enter the email address of the requestor.

Please select one of the following project types:

Please describe actions required that are not construction, renovation, or improvements-related.

Enter the building or buildings your project will be located.

Enter the room or rooms your project will be located or impact.

In a few sentences, please describe the scope of your project (who, what, when, where, why).

Select date you would like work to be completed.

Are there any time constraints that may affect the schedule or completion date of this project?

Please provide as much information as possible to explain time constraints or schedule impacts.

Does this project impact any space occupied by another Dept or Depts?

Enter the name(s) of adjacent spaces potentially impacted by your project.

Have you discussed your project with users of neighboring spaces?

Does your organization have funds to pay for this project?

If the department or office cannot fund directly, will your college/school, Vice Provost or Vice Chancellor fund the project?

What fiscal year will the source funds be available?

Enter multiple FUND Codes, if necessary.

Enter Banner ORG Code.

From all funding sources, how much is available to pay for this project?

Name of supervisor authorizing this project request.

Please provide any additional comments or information pertinent to your project request.