UAA FP&C Policy & Procedure Manual

UAA FP&C Policy & Procedure Manual (PPM) is the staff manual guiding planning and construction project management for UAA Facilities.  It is shared for staff use and collaboration as well as transparency of our operations.  Comments, corrections or questions for the UAA FP&C P&P Manual should be directed to   


1.3         PPM Revisions Tracking Form

3a          Project Responsibility Matrix

4.1.1     10-Year Capital Planning Request List Template

4.5         Master Planning Workflow

6.1a       Project Request

6.1W      Project Request Workflow

7.3         Design Assessment Checklist

7.4a       Project Budget Template

7.4b       Preparation of Project Budget Guideline

7.9         Value Engineering Log Template

8.4         Quality Assessment Checklists

9.1a       Punchlist Template

9.1b       Construction Closeout Checklist Template

9.1c       Certificate of Substantial Completion

9.3         Project Closeout Checklist

9.6         Post Occupancy Report Template

10.2a     Schedule Management Checklist

10.2b     Two Week Look-Ahead Schedule Template

12.2        Project Risk Mgmt Typical Events Template

13           Communication Plan

14W        Change Management Workflow

14.2a      Change Order Review Checklist

15W        Procurement Management

15.2.2a   RFQ Package Template

15.2.2b   RFQ Addendum Master

15.2.3a   Bid Package Signature Page

15.2.3b   Bid Package Template Example

15.2.3c   Addendum for IFB – Master

15.2.3d   Bid Tabulation Template

15.2.4a   RFP Package Signature Page

15.2.4b   RFP Template Example

15.2.4c   Addendum for RFP – Master

15.2.5a   Insurance Checklist

15.2.5b   Form 254

15.2.5c   Form 255

15.2.5d   Term Consultant Preliminary Score Sheet

16.1a      First Payment Application Review Checklist

16.1b      Progress Payment Application Review Checklist

16.1c      Final Payment Application Review Checklist

16.1W     Pay Application Management Workflow

16.1d      GC Waiver of Lien Rights and Indemnification

16.1e      Subs Waiver of Lien Rights and Indemnification

17           RFI Template

17.2a      Submittal Summary Sheet Template

17.2b      Transmittal of Submittals Template

17.2c      Shop Drawing/Submittal Log Sheet

18.1        Project Lessons Learned

18.2        Workshop Project Lessons Learned

A.1        Recommended Leading Practices for P&P Manual